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Summerdown Farms Peppermint Chocolates

Is peppermint and chocolate a winning combo?

The Mallow Tailor Chocolates

Beautiful filled chocolates from The Brecon Beacons.

Galaxy Vegan Chocolate

A look at Galaxy's new range of vegan milk chocolate alternatives.

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 100% Chocolate Bars

Single origin 100% bars from Hotel Chocolat.

Paul A Young Valentines Chocolates

An exciting collection for the one you love.

Gü Hot Chocolate

A new range of hot chocolates in a carton.

Whisk & Whites Chocolate Selection

A new British chocolatier.

Lauden Chocolate Brownies

One woman's quest for the perfect brownie.

Chocolarder Javan Milk Chocolate

British bean-to-bar milk chocolate.

Tutu Delicious Assortment

Award winning chocolates from Oxfordshire.

Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate

A heavily flavoured, fairly traded dark chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Vietnam 80%

A robust & fruity bar from Hotel Chocolat.

Galeta Chocolate Brownies

Gooey chocolate brownies from Galeta

Cream Tea And Christmas With Paul A Young

Cream teas and Christmas previews

Chocolat By Daniel Coletta

A selection from Blackburn based chocolatier Daniel Coletta.

Cakes By Robin Bespoke Chocolate Cake

Now you can have your cake and eat it.

Tesco Madagascan 71% Dark Chocolate

Single origin own-label chocolate from Tesco.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Selection

A selection of Hotel Chocolat hollow eggs.

Hotel Chocolat ‘A Nest Of Egglets’

Three filled mini eggs in a milk chocolate test.

Thinking Out Of The Conch: From Bean To Bar With Paul A Young

Bean to bar chocolate made from the whole bean.

Artisan Du Chocolat Almond Milk Chocolate

An alternative to milk chocolate

Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny

Does this chocolate bunny taste as good as it looks?

Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

Valentine's ganaches from Rococo.

La Pâtisserie des Rêves, London

La Pâtisserie des Rêves, opens in Marylebone Road.

William Curley Dessert Bar

Today we paid a visit to William Curley to sample the Dessert Bar menu. Five courses of dessert, petits fours and hot chocolate for £20.

Heston Chocolate Box

Heston Blumenthal's chocolate selection from Waitrose.

William Curley Hazelnut & Raisin Caramel Bar

A recreation of the Cadbury Picnic

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

Simple and beautiful handmade chocolates.

Rabot 1745 Restaurant Review

Hotel Chocolat's new restaurant in Borough Market.

Booja Booja Truffle Box No. 2

Organic dairy free truffles from Booja Booja

Hotel Chocolat Signature Christmas Collection

Seasonal chocolates from Hotel Chocolat

The Chocolatier Water Ganache Selection

A selection of water ganaches by Aneesh Popat.

The London Chocolate Company Truffles

A selection from The London Chocolate Company.

Hotel Chocolat Coffee Bûche

A triple-layered coffee-flavoured buche.

Jaz ‘n’ Jul’s Perfectly Simple Hot Chocolate

A simple but delicious hot chocolate drink.

Thorntons Chocolate Afternoon Tea At The Park Lane Hotel

A Chocolate Week Afternoon Tea collaboration.

Demarquette Grandiflorum Truffles

Unique truffles made with Brazilian Cupuaçu.

Kinnterton Cornetto & Magnum Chocolates

Non-ice cream chocolate versions of ice cream favourites.

Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

A rich & chocolatey single origin dark chocolate.

Paul A Young Marmite Brownie

A brownie? With Marmite?

Forever Cacao 80% Raw Peru

An 80% Welsh bean-to-bar chocolate.

The Chocolate Tree Gianduja

A rich & roasted ginduja bar.

Visiting Jude’s Ice Cream

We tour a Hampshire ice cream factory.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe

The new chocolate liqueur from Baileys.

Divine Milk Chocolate Caramel

Milk chocolate with a caramel filling.

iQ Chocolate Bean to Bar Superfood

A raw bean to bar creation from Scotland.

The Chocolate Tree Madagascar Bars

Raw & Roasted bars from The Chocolate Tree.

James Chocolates Tasting Boxes

Salted Caramel and Chilli themed chocolate tasting boxes.

Demarquette Great British Orchard

Orchard fruit flavour caramel chocolates.

Divine Milk Chocolate With Toffee & Sea Salt

Divine airtrade milk chocolate with toffee & sea salt.

Hotel Chocolat Island Growers Saint Lucia 70% Milk Chocolate

A 70% Milk Chocolate From Hotel Chocolat

Rococo White Chocolate With Cardamom

Organic white chocolate with cardamom.

Duffy’s Venezuela Ocumare 55% Milk Chocolate

The best milk chocolate in the world.

DeRosier Chocolate And Coffee

A new chocolate & coffee shop for South West London

Green & Black’s Crispy Milk

Organic milk chocolate with crispy cereal bits.

Melt Popcorn Bar

Milk chocolate with popcorn pieces.

Thinking Chocolate

We try the famous Haggis Truffle

The Chocolate Tree: A Scottish Bean To Bar Story

Behind the scenes at Edinburgh's bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

Gü ‘After Dark’ Selection

Chocolatey, gooey puds from Gü.

Hotel Chocolat ‘The Connoisseur’ Extra Thick Easter Egg

A rather post Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg.

Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

Easter chcolates from Melt of Notting Hill.

Paul A Young Hot Cross Bun Brownie

An Easter treat from Paul A Young

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Egg Sandwich

A salted caramel milk chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat.

Paul Wayne Gregory ‘Season’ Easter Egg

A hand painted milk chocolate Easter egg.

Sainsbury Belgian Salted Caramels Selection

Cheap salted caramels from Sainsbury's.

Betty’s Gloucester Old Spot Easter Pigs

Easter chocolate pigs from Bettys.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Collection

A box of Easter chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Duffy’s Panama Cocoa Tea

An infusion made from cocoa shells and cocoa nibs.

Bianca Marton Handmade Truffles

Fresh ganaches made with coconut milk rather than cream.

Metrodeco Graham Greene & Chocolate Tea

Green tea with cocoa shells.

Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

Valentines chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker

Rococo Chocolates Valentines Fresh Ganaches

Handmade Valentines chocolate from Rococo.

Betty’s Swiss Dark Chocolate Heart With Champagne Truffles

A beautifully truffle-filled heart from Harrogate.

Paul A Young Valentine’s Chipotle Brownie

Made with chipotle chilli, muscovado and maldon salt.

Lauden Valentines Chocolates

Strawberries & Cream and Heather Honey from Lauden.

Damian Allsop Dominican Republic 67%

More of Damian Allsop's trademark water ganaches.

Mychelle’s Baketique Christmas Selection

A selection of Christmas treats from Mychelle’s Baketique.

Chococo Chocolate Dipped Turkish Delight

Lemon and rose flavour Turkish dipped in dark chocolate.

Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Scotch Bonnet Chilli Chocolate

Levi Roots branded chilli chocolate.

Chococo Christmas Cocoa Pod Cracker

Chocolate cocoa pod filled with Christmas chocolates.

Paul A Young Brownie Mince Pies

Mince pies topped with a layer of brownie.

Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Christmas Cracker

A giant Christmas cracker stuffed with chocolates.

Matcha Chocolat Christmas Selection

Wonderful Christmas chocolates from Katie Christoffers

Willie’s Cacao El Blanco

A delicious white chocolate from Willie Harcourt-Cooze

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Pudding Chocolates

A delicious Christmas pudding flavour chocolate.

James Salted Caramel Honeycomb

Honeycomb balls with milk chocolate and salted caramel.

Interflora Chocoholics Hamper

A hamper stuffed full of chocolate goodies.

Hotel Chocolat Launch Christmas Range

Hotel Chocolate launches Christmas, Halloween and Beauty ranges.

William Curley Laurent-Perrier Champagne Truffles

William Curley launches his new Champagne truffles.

Paul A Young AquaRiva Tequila Margarita Truffle

Paul A Young collaborates with Cleo Rocos on this tequila truffle.

Silver Spoon Dark Chocolate Flavour Cake Covering

One of the worst things we've ever tasted.

Melt Fresh Chocolate Selection

A selection of fresh chocolates from Melt.

Cocoa Loco Sea Salt & Sunflower Seeds Dark Chocolate

Organic, Fairtrade chocolate with sunflower seeds & sea salt.

Baker Days Letterbox Cakes

Personalised letterbox cakes from Baker Days.

Lucky’s Tweedle Twins Cake In A Jar

Wonderland themes cakes in tiny jars.

Thorntons Mint Batons

After dinner mints from Thorntons.

BiteMe Brownies

Dark and Belgian chocolate brownies form BiteMe.

Itsu Chocolate Edamame

Chocolate covered soy beans from Japenase restaurant chain Itsu.

Willie’s Cacao Indonesian Gold

Single estate Indonesian chocolate from Willie Harcourt-Cooze.

Willie’s Cacao Luscious Orange

Orange flavoured bean-to-bar chocolate made with Cuban cacao.

Paul A Young Brick House Sourdough

A dark chocolate bar with pieces of sourdough bread.

Chocolatier Herzog Selection

Delicious and beautiful chocolates from Sven Herzog.

Duffy’s Nicaragua Chuno 70%

Bean-to-bar chocolate made with Nicaraguan beans by Duffy Sheardown.

Lallapolosa Salted Caramel Pecan Dreams Brownie

Deliciously gooey and crunchy brownies from Lallapolosa.

Lindt Excellence Wasabi

Lindt's new dark chocolate bar flavoured with wasabi.

Sir Hans Sloane Marbles

Patriotic marbles from Sir Hans Sloane

Marks And Spencer Luxury Egg Selection

Milk, white and dark chocolate Easter eggs from M&S.

Paul A. Young Easter Egg Hunt Kit

An Easter Egg Hunt Kit of the finest quality.

Demarquette Easter Glam Clam

An Easter clam full of mini eggs!

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Velvety Square Egg

A sculptural looking Easter Egg from Marks & Spencer.

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Easter Egg

A milk chocolate Easter egg in the style of a banoffee pie.

Matcha Chocolat Easter Egg Selection

A box of beautifully filled dark chocolate Easter Eggs.

Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Mini Easter Eggs

60g eggs with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Chococo Dark Chocolate Golden Egg

An Easter egg for lovers of the dark side.

Paul A. Young Selection

A new selection from one of our favourite chocolatiers.

Clerkenwell Chocolate Passion Fruit Truffles

Zingy and delicious passion fruit truffles.

Hotel Chocolat Keepsake Easter Tin

A decorative tin filled with flavoured mini eggs.

Marks & Spencer 60% Peruvian Dark Chocolate

A Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral bar from M&S.

Matcha Chocolat Mothers Day Selection

Another beautiful selection from Matcha Chocolat

Fortnum & Mason Hand Decorated Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

A beautiful hand decorated Easter Egg from Fortnum & Mason.

Sunshine & Butterflies Limited Edition Collection

More handmade chocolates from Sunshine & Butterflies

Iain Burnett – The Highland Chocolatier

Chocolates from the award winning Highland Chocolatier.

M&S Smoked Paprika, Ancho Chilli & Dark Chocolate Popcorn

Gourmet popcorn from Marks & Spencer.

Hotel Chocolat Love Notes

Heart shaped Valentine's from Hotel Chocolat.

Chococo Raspberry Pavlova Milk Chocolate Heart

A milk chocolate heart with raspberry and meringue.

Fudges Flapjacks and Florentines

Chocolate flapjacks and florentines from Dorset.

Matcha Chocolat Valentine’s Selection

Beautiful and delicious Valentines chocolates from Matcha.

Nestlé KitKat Chunky

It's that time again.

Divine White Chocolate & Strawberry Hearts

White chocolate hearts for Valentines Day.

Teapigs Chocolate Flake Tea

An everyday tea with a hint of chocolate.

Honeybuns Chocolate Cakes

A range of gluten-free cakes, cookies and brownies from Dorset.

Marks & Spencer Salted Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate

Does M&S's take on the salted caramel hit the mark?

Duffy’s Corazon Del Ecuador With Cocoa Nibs & Ground Coffee

British bean to bar chocolate with nibs & coffee.

Gail’s Bakery Christmas Selection

Chocolatey, Christmassy and boozey baked goods from Gail's.

James Chocolate Christmas Pudding Truffle

Christmas pudding shaped truffle from James Chocolate

Chococo Chocolate Dipped Sundried Apricots

Turkish sundried apricots dipped in dark chocolate.

Cloud Cocoland Christmas Selection

Winners of The Guardian's Chrismtas Taste Test

Hotel Chocolat Mini Crackers

Mini chocolate Christmas crackers from Hotel Chocolat.

Chococo Christmas Selection

A selection of Christmas chocolates from Chococo.

Demarquette Royal Merina

Delicious 'voumlised' Madagascan ganche chocolates.

Thorntons Limited Edition Jubilee Wonder Box

The most expensive box of chocolates we've ever reviewed.

Feeding Your Imagination ‘Seductive’

Theraputic, seductive chocolate, or pretentious rubbish?

Artisan du Chocolat Mandarin & Mulled Spices

Milk chocolate with spices. And kittens.

Johanna Woodhead Selection

A selection of filled chocolates & truffles from Glasgow.

Belflair Orangettes

Candied orange peel in dark chocolate.

Co Couture Blend II 69%

A simple 69% dark chocolate from Belfast.

Feeding Your Imagination ‘Lovely’

Organic milk chocolate with peppermint and cardamom.

Rococo Crystallised Ginger

A Rococo artisan bar with ginger essence.

Paul A. Young Blackcurrant & Salted Caramels

Layers of blackcurrant and salted caramel in beautifully finished dark chocolate shells.

Duffy’s Corazon Del Ecuador With Cocoa Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt

One of our favourite milk chocolates, from one of the world's best chocolate makers.

Clerkenwell Chocolate Manjari Truffles

Deliciously rich and fruity dark chocolate truffles made with Valrhona Manjari.

Hope And Greenwood Champagne Truffle Selection

Four different Champagne Truffles from the 'Purveyors of Splendid Confectionery'.

Tiger J’s Truffles

A range of truffles sold partly in aid of the Born Free Foundation.

Thorntons Bakewell Tart

How does Thorntons take on the traditional Bakewell Tart compare to the real thing?

Paul A. Young Bakewell Tart Dome

Paul A. Young is back with another new creation, but has he managed to capture the essence of a bakewell tart?

Rococo Venus Nipples & Lips

They're chocolate nipples and lips. What more could you want?

Boutique Aromatique Selection

Aromatic, full flavour fresh chocolates from Shelly Preston's new Nottinghamshire chocolate boutique.

Paul A. Young Soreen Malt Loaf Truffles

A childhood favourite brought back to life in truffle form by the amazing Paul A. Young.

Sir Hans Sloane Dark Drinking Chocolate Beads

Dark drinking chocolate beads that make a tasty snack as well as a decent hot chocolate.

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

The latest addition to Thornton's chocolate block range, this white chocolate with lemon oil and popping candy is sure to put a smile on your face.

Pourtoi Chocolate Chip Cookies

A range of soft chocolate chip cookies that are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and kosher.

Paul A. Young Chocolate Frogs

Simple, sweet and cute hand painted chocolate frogs from Paul A. Young.

Chocolate Wizard Selection

A selection of chocolates from young entrepreneur David Craggs - aka the Chocolate Wizard.

Charlotte Flower Chocolates Selection

A selection of handmade chocolates from Scotland flavoured with local plants and trees!

Baruzzo Summer Collection

Take a look at the new summer collection from UK-based Italian chocolatier Raffaella Baruzzo.

Thorntons Academy of Chocolate Gold Award Winners

A selection of three Academy of Chocolate award winning fresh chocolates, part of Thorntons' "Wonder Box".

Morrison’s Chocolate & Vanilla Stout

This isn’t the first chocolate beer I’ve tried, but it is the first supermarket own brand version which has been ‘enhanced’ with chocolate. Morrison’s have added both chocolate and vanilla flavours to the beer. Not something I really thought well …

Co Couture Dark Chocolate with Rum & Raisin

Rum and raisin dark chocolate from our favourite Belfast chocolatiers.

Melt Sea Salt Chocolate Mud Pie

A deliciously gooey, fudgey, cakey, caremelly, fudgey creation from Notting Hill's finest.

Sunshine & Butterflies Handmade Chocolate Selection

A selection of handmade fresh chocolates from London chocolatier Sunshine & Butterflies.

Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

A chocolate flavoured liqueur drink from Thorntons.

Nicky Grant Selection Part 2

A quick look at some new chocolates from one of our favourite British chocolatiers.

Kshocolât Cocktail Tower

We weren't particularly impressed with these cocktail inspired chocolates...

Chocolution Mayan Magic Raw Chocolate Making Kit

The idea is simple, you’re given some cocoa solids and some natural sweetener, you melt them all together and you make your own raw chocolates.

William Curley Millionaire’s Shortbread

Another offering from William Curley's Nostalgia Range. Shortbread with caramel, covered in dark chocolate.

Seed & Bean Pumkin Seeds & Hemp Oil

Another bar from Seed & Bean, the Nottingham based maker of fair trade, organic chocolate bars.

Paul A. Young Pistachio & Lemon Thyme Caramel Mallow

A hand painted dome of 64% Valrhona Madagascan chocolate. Inside, there’s a layer of pistachio flavoured marshmallow, with a second layer of lemon thyme caramel on top.

James Chocolates Firecracker Egg

A 70% cocoa dark chocolate egg, but it’s James Firecracker chocolate, and therefore home to chilli, pepper, spice, and of course popping candy.

Hotel Chocolat Eggs & Soldiers

It’s probably been 32 years since I last had eggs with soldiers, but this cute little Easter box from Hotel Chocolat still managed to catch my attention.

Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Chestnut Milk Chocolate Egg

I'm a big fan of Lucky's. Their Valrhona enrobed cakes are as innovative as they are delicious, so I was excited to hear they were branching out for Easter.

Thorntons Chocolate Jubilee Easter Egg

Those of you who have been paying attention will know that this year is Thorntons’ 100th birthday. They’ve been working on a raft of new products to celebrate, and this spectacular egg is one of them.

William Curley Bounty & Marathon Bars

William Curley recreates some childhood classics as part of his nostalgia range.

Gorvett & Stone Cinder Toffee Easter Egg

Make no mistake, this is an egg for those with a sweet tooth. But it’s made with care from quality ingredients, and I quickly managed to scoff my way through far more than I should have done.

Paul A. Young Billingtons Simnel Brownie

There's no question in my mind that this is the best brownie in the world. If you don't manage to get hold of one between now and Easter, then you're missing out.

Knead Bakery Chocolate Brownie & Cookies

Allergy free cookies and brownies from Knead Bakery.

Cocoapod EasterEggs DIY Kit

In this kit, you get four flat egg-shaped slabs of milk chocolate, a big bag of mixed sweeties, a bag of small chocolate buttons for melting (and sticking said sweeties to said eggs), and a some miniature paintbrushes to help make the whole process even easier.

Matcha Chocolat Mixed Selection

This first anniversary box represents something of a departure for Matcha, with more of the chocolates inspired by other herbs and spices.

Hotel Chocolat Quail Eggs

A cute little box of a dozen chocolate mini eggs with assorted fillings.

James Chocolates Caramel & Vanilla Easter Egg

This is the first of a handful of eggs I received from James Chocolates. It’s one of their 60g eggs, which means two things – it’s not going to last you a week, and it won’t cost an absolute fortune. …

Choceur 70% Fairtrade Dark Chocolate

Dark, glossy chocolate with a good sheen, a crisp snap, and a slightly bitter cacao aroma. On the palette it’s quick to melt, delivering acidic, bittersweet cacao flavours with a slight burnt sugar top note.

Choc Affair Aniseed

Here’s some more Fairtrade chocolate sent to us by the Fairtrade Foundation for Fairtrade Fortnight. This time, it’s a 34% milk chocolate flavoured with aniseed oil.

Nero & Bianco Fairtrade Chocolate

Nero & Bianco are a High Wycombe based company, selling Fairtrade chocolate from Peru and The Dominican Republic.

Baruzzo Cape Gooseberries

They’re very grown up treats, particularly given that I paid almost ten pounds for this little bag, but believe me, I haven’t tasted anything like this before and I wanted to spread the word.

Kellogg’s Red Nose Day Rice Krispie Squares

Kellogg’s insisted we tell you that they have these limited edition Red Nose Day Rice Krispie Squares out, with “edible red noses”.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Banana

Say hello to yet another in the (seemingly endless) line of Thornton’s slabs.

Jme Collection Fairtrade Chocolate

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and the nice people at the Fairtrade Foundation were good enough to send some samples of Fairtrade chocolate that we hadn’t seen before.

East India Company Dark Chocolate With Red Peppercorn

The East India Company is probably not be a name you associate with chocolate. In fact, it’s probably not a name you associate with anything much in the modern world.

Artisan du Chocolat Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo Milk Chocolate

You can probably guess this chocolate’s unique selling point. This milk chocolate is made with buffalo milk, rather than cows’ milk. The buffalo in question comes from Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire.

William Curley Chocolate Caramel Mou

The chocolates themselves look beautiful, much as you'd expect from anything with William Curley's name on it. They're elegant and unfussy with a simple decoration of cocoa nibs on top.

Paul A. Young Valentine’s Selection

Time for more Valentine’s chocolates, this time from the always awesome Paul A. Young. As you’d expect from Paul, everything looks amazing, so I just thought I’d show you lots of pretty pictures.

James Strawberry & Champagne Truffles

James Chocolates’ second offering for lovers who love chocolate comes in the form of these Strawberry & Marc de Champagne liqueur truffles, although in fairness they aren’t in any way Valentine themed other than by virtue of the fact they’re …

Chococo Valentine’s Gift Set

Here’s a bit of Valentine’s fun from Chococo. A 125g dark chocolate heart with white chocolate cherubs and little sugar hearts and a selection of 16 fresh chocolates. Let’s start with the heart. You can pick from other varieties of …

Seed & Bean Clementine Milk Chocolate

As Dom mentioned, we’ve been given the whole Organic Seed & Bean bar range to review. This 37% cocoa milk chocolate bar is made with 77% Fairtrade ingredients, all of which are also organically produced. At 37% cocoa it’s richer …

Charbonnel et Walker Delicious Art

Mr Ramsey Finchley London Mrs Minnie Walker 173 New Bond Street London 1st February 1878 My Dearest Mrs Walker I do hope this note finds you in good health. It has been some time since we last corresponded, but Mme. …

James Raspberry Hearts

In case you weren’t aware (in which case there’s a good chance you’re male and possibly single) Valentines Day will soon be upon us once again, and chocolate manufacturers all over the world have been getting the heart shaped moulds …

Cocoa Loco Champagne Truffles

My last encounter with Cocoa Loco was back in 2009 and took the form of a rather hot chilli chocolate bar. This time round, I have something a little more sedate; this rather cute little box of six handmade, organic …

Nakd Cocoa Bars

We all know that chocolate is good for you (it’s only when you start adding sugar and milk powder that things go downhill), but there do seem to be more and more health foods using chocolate as an ingredient lately. …

Carluccio’s Dark Chocolate Grissini

These grissini (breadsticks) were a gift from my friend Judith of Mostly About Chocolate late last year, so I thought it was about time I got down to writing about them. We split the 400g box between us, and you …

Thorntons ‘Born To Share’ Milk Chocolate With Mango

This little 80g block of chocolate from Thorntons is something a bit special. Not only is it the first time we’ve featured chocolate made with cocoa beans from Haiti on Chocablog, but a sizeable chunk (91p to be precise) of …

The Chocolate Tasting Club Christmas 2010 Collection

Observant readers might be wondering why I’m writing about Christmas 2010 chocolates that you couldn’t possibly buy in January 2011. There is method (of sorts) in this madness, I assure you. These “Chocolate Tasting Club” chocolates were a Christmas gift …

Divine Dark Chocolate With Ginger & Orange

Despite having had Divine chocolate in cocktails and brownies recently, it’s been a while since we’ve reviewed any of their actual bars, and being a bit of a ginger fan, I thought I’d give this one a try. This is …

Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seeds

Seed & Bean are a UK company producing ethical and organic chocolate bars. They sent us their entire range (expect more reviews soon!), but this caught my eye as I’ve never reviewed a chocolate bar with poppy seeds. Simon recently …

40point5 Artisan Chocolates

This intriguing box of chocolates was a gift from my favourite chocolate guide, and comes from a new shop called 40point5 in Kensington. The name refers to the melting point of chocolate. Clever – but perhaps something that will go …

The Chocolate Society Wicked Hokey Pokey

I recentl received a little box of treasure from The Chocolate Society, and one of the items in the box was this bag of cinder toffee covered in Valrhona 70% dark chocolate – aka ‘Hokey Pokey’. The card attached to …

Matcha Chocolat Winter Selection

After a break from the norm with Matcha’s Chocolate Shards, tea-chocolatier-extrordinaire Katie Christoffers is back with another selection box – this time with a winter theme. The packaging remains unchanged from Matcha’s other selection boxes, which is fine by me, …

Chocolate Craft Port & Cranberry Truffles

It’s always nice to meet new people in the chocolate industry, and the other week I met Debbie from Chocolate Craft at the Taste of Christmas show. I’d never heard of Chocolate Craft before, but Debbie had heard of Chocablog …

Jaz & Jul’s Organic Hot Chocolate

I’ve been aware of Jaz & Jul’s for some time now, but only had a chance to talk to them properly and pick up some samples at the Southbank Chocolate Festival. Jaz & Juls just make hot chocolate. They use …

Sobo Chocolate Cookies

I picked these up at the Southbank Chocolate Festival this weekend, and thought they were worth telling you about. Sobo Chocolate are a London based company producing handmade cookies for sale at cafés and restaurants around the capital and direct …

James Chocolate Bars

James Chocolates were at the Speciality & Fine Food fair at Olympia earlier this year, and owner James Hutchins himself gave me four little slabs to try out. Firecracker Dark chocolate laced with pepper and spices. Strong, peppery taste to …

Berry Scrumptious Mulled Berry Chocolate

Time for something a little Christmassy from Scotland’s Berry Scrumptious, makers of stunningly fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries, and interesting, but less-stunning berry chocolate bars. This “mulled berry” version follows the same format Berry Scrumptious’ other bars – broken shards of chocolate …

Hotel Chocolat The Purist 70% Chuao

A single origin dark chocolate from Venezuela

Cocoapod Christmas Tree Kit

This rather cute chocolate Christmas tree kit apparently came about by accident. Having designed the product, Cocoapod found it was impossible to post reliably without arriving in pieces, so opted to sell it as a “DIY kit”. Needless to say, …

Matcha Chocolat Shards

These beautifully packaged shards of chocolate are something of a departure for Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat. Until recently she has concentrated on her (equally beautiful) tea-infused filled chocolates, so I was intrigued to see how she would approach these. There …

Gorvett & Stone Rum & Raisin Truffles

Time for another little box of chocolates from Henley’s Gorvett & Stone. This time we have a box of twelve 40% milk chocolates with a rum and raisin ganache made from 70% dark chocolate. As with Gorvett & Stone’s other …

Devnaa Signature Chocolates

Devnaa is a brother and sister partnership producing “Indian Inspired” chocolates and confectionery in the UK. As you can see first impressions are great, with beautiful brightly coloured packaging that immediately makes you want to open the box. The one …

Hotel Chocolat Dark & Fruity Yule Log

In case you hadn’t noticed, here in the UK, the nights are drawing in, and yes, Christmas is looming large. Of course, Christmas is a time for chocolate (although here at Chocablog every day is a day for chocolate) and …

Booja-Booja Raspberry Truffles

Booja-Booja sent this little box after company founder Colin Mace found Simon’s review of their Flambéd Banana Truffles and got in touch to say how much he liked our little blog. Never one to miss an opportunity, I managed to …

Gorvett & Stone Eton Mess

I love Gorvett & Stone. I haven’t yet had the chance to visit their Henley shop, but their products have the perfect combination of quality, freshness and fun. I’ve also got a bit of a soft spot for Eton Mess …

Demarquette Victorian Ganache Selection

This little Christmas selection would normally come in a box of 16 larger chocolates, but I picked them up from Demarquette’s shop in Fulham Road at the launch, and these little tasters were quite enough for my review! There’s four …

Ben Tre Action Against Hunger Bars

A certain person who shall remain nameless has been teasing me with these Ben Tre bars for some time. With a series of emails and texts along the lines of “I bought you a Ben Tre bar to try” followed …

Paul A. Young Chateau Civrac Ganache Grapes

As a chocolate blogger, the only thing more satisfying than the postman knocking on your door with a package full of chocolate, is when that package has a “Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates” label on it. My life has now …

Sugargrain ‘Winter’ Brownies

Having never received cake in the post before, it was lovely to be sent a batch of brownies from Sugargrain (aka Caroline Aherne). What was even lovelier (and for reasons that will become apparent, really lovely) was that about a …

Thorntons Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Cookies are a bit of a departure for Thorntons, but a very welcome one. I had a taste of these at their Christmas launch back in July and I’ve been looking forward to reviewing them. I finally got my hands …

Melt Wine Bar

Don’t be misled by the words “complex chocolate” on the front, because this is about as simple as chocolate gets, with just three ingredients. Cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter. The complex flavours come from the cocoa bean rather than …

Kshocolât Mini Strawberrettes

Since we last talked about Kshocolât, two things have happened; In February this year, the company went into administration (which doesn’t surprise me), then last month, a Welsh company bought their assets and brand (which surprises me a great deal). …

Chocoholly Plain Dark Organic Chocolate

This simple, 40g bar of 72% dark, organic chocolate was thrust into my hand by Holly at the recent Speciality & Fine Food Fair. It’s a very simple bar, but one of my main reasons for wanting to talk about …

Duffy’s Star of Panama 70%

Here’s another of Duffy Sheardown’s single origin bars, stone ground and hand made in Lincolnshire. As previously mentioned, Duffy is one of only three UK chocolate makers who import the beans and make. I had the pleasure of meeting the …

Coco Bean Handmade Truffles

This box of handmade truffles was sent to us by Ruth at Coco Bean, a small Welsh chocolatier. They come in boxes of six or twelve, and you can choose which individual truffles you want when placing your order. As …

Hotel Chocolat Signature Dark Collection

This tiny little massive box of chocolates was a small part of the goody bag we received at the Hotel Chocolat Christmas launch back in July, but has only just gone on sale. It looks like there have been a …

Charbonnel et Walker Vanilla Truffles

Strangely, the only things we’ve ever reviewed from Charbonnel et Walker are boxes of truffles. It’s what they’re most known for and they don’t seem to like to stray too far into the world of “new” and “exciting”. I recently …

Blue Basil Brownie

This little brownie was part of my goody bag at the recent Divine Chocolate cocktail evening in Marylebone. As you might expect, it’s using Divine chocolate (their 85% dark chocolate and their milk chocolate), along with lots of organic goodness. …

Rococo Basil & Persian Lime

Time for more of Rococo’s beautiful new packaging, inspired by the Moorish tiles in their “secret” Moroccan garden in Motcomb Street. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the flavours come from there too, although I’m not entirely sure that …

Marmite Very Peculiar Milk Chocolate

Marmite and chocolate. The perfect combination. At least it was when top chocolatier Paul A. Young created his Marmite Truffles a couple of years ago. And it was even better when he created an amazing Marmite XO bar last year. …

Prestat Truffle Selection

I picked up this little bag of fresh truffles from Prestat’s brightly coloured shop in central London. Having never tried any of their fresh chocolates, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – my Prestat experience to date has been …

Sugargrain Brownies

I was introduced to Caroline Aherne by a mutual friend a while ago – back when Caroline was selling at Covent Garden Market (she’s now at the monthly Real Food Festival market) and at a time when she was thinking …

Chocolate Cafe Manchester Tart

It’s not every day you get sent a Manchester Tart. In fact, until this week I had no idea what a Manchester Tart was – and that’s despite most of my family being Mancunian. Helpfully, The Chocolate Cafe, who make …

Claire Clark Jaffa Cake

I was lucky enough to be given this amazing creation on my Chocolate Ecstasy Tour of Chelsea chocolate shops at the weekend. We took a detour from the usual tour route to visit Claire’s pop-up patisserie in Harvey Nichols. We …

Burnt Sugar Chewy Caramels

It’s been a year since Simon reviewed Burnt Sugar’s Gooey Caramels, which he found at Borough Market. I found this ‘chewy’ variation in Waitrose, so things are obviously going well for the Burnt Sugar guys. These chewy caramels seem to …

Rococo Moroccan Mint

Here’s a little something I liberated from the Rococo stand at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair. It’s a 65% organic dark chocolate bar with organic mint, and comes in a brightly coloured wrapper, the design of which is inspired …

Plush Petals

We’ve talked about Plush’s beautiful fair trade chocolates before, and bumped into them at the recent Speciality & Fine Food Fair recently. They promised to send us some “handbags” as soon as they were ready, and here they are. There’s …

Matcha Chocolat Lotus Selection

Another season is upon us, which means another collection of tea-based chocolates from Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat. The presentation is exactly the same as previous collections – the box hasn’t changed at all – only the contents have changed. Well… …

Pour Toi Selection

I met the ladies from Pour Toi at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia last week (photos of that on our Facebook page). I love meeting new people in the chocolate industry, and I especially love it when …

Mr Simms Maldon Salt Caramel

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppes seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. Simon recently found one in … and one has recently opened up near me in Brent Cross. While it’s difficult to find out many solid details …

Cocoa Mountain Selection

Based in north west Scotland, Cocoa Mountain describe themselves as the most remote chocolate company in the UK. Their amazing looking chocolate bar is apparently known for its hot chocolates, but despite our attempts to get them to post us …

Moko Chocolate Truffles

I don’t like writing bad things about small businesses, so I’m going to keep this review short. They’re bags of “chocolate” “truffles”, that are made mostly of sugar and vegetable fat. They are basically the same, except one lot is …

Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Tiffin Squares

Every once in a while, I like to pick up something random from the shelves of Tesco for lunch review purposes. Today I thought I’d sample some of their Finest range, so picked up these strangely packaged tiffin squares, which …

Fortnum & Mason Mexican Mole Spice

The other day, I found myself in Fortnum & Mason wondering around the chocolate section (what else), looking for something interesting to buy. Being a poor blogger meant I could only afford a single item from Fortnum’s, so I wanted …

Brownie Points Brownies

We’re definitely in a brownie kind of mood lately, and this particular box of brownies was un unexpected gift at the end of our little afternoon tea at Tea Party in Finchley. Brownie Points is a London-based brownie maker with …

Booja Booja Flambéd Banana Truffles

Booja Booja is a Norfolk based company specialising in organic, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly chocolates, They’ve won numerous awards from organic and vegetarian societies, and definitely fall into the ‘slightly bonkers chocolate makers’ category (I mean – Booja-Booja?) …

Afternoon Tea At Tea Party, Finchley

Serendipty is a wonderful thing. A random comment I made on Twitter about being in Finchley caught the attention of Samantha Check, who runs a tea room just round the corner from where I live. I’d never heard of Tea …

Mood Foods OmBar Probiotic Range

Here we have another three Mood Foods OmBars, only this time they come with a little something extra, namely probiotic bacteria (the same stuff in those yoghurt drinks they sell in supermarkets and health food stores). As you can see, …

Nestlé Milkybar Raisin & Biscuit

What to say… what to say… When Nestlé’s PR send you a box of 36 Milkybars, it’s only polite to say something. Apparently, these are new, improved “adult” Milkybars, with added raisin and biscuit – and that makes them suitable …

Chocolate Cafe Dark Chocolate With Mint

This is the third and final bar I received from The Chocolate Cafe a while back. It’s a simple dark chocolate flavoured with mint. As with the other bars, it’s presented in a simple but elegant paper wrapper, that really …

Duffy’s Corazon Del Ecuador 72%

This bar was supposed to be featured at a recent tasting event Dom & I were invited to, but Duffy Sheardown wasn’t able to make it, so he very kindly posted out samples to everyone after the event. That isn’t …

Lucky’s Chocolate Enrobed Cakes

This is more of a preview than a review, because these attractive chocolate enrobed cakes and brownies won’t actually be available until next month. Lucky’s sent us three cakes (“Sour Kick”, “Fancy Fudge”, “Nutty Delay”) and three brownies (“Mocha Madness”, …

Hotel Chocolat Summer Goody Bag

Time for another Hotel Chocolat goody bag! I do love these things, despite the fact that they come in a little handbag and are probably not aimed at me. I think there’s something exciting about ripping open a bag full …

The Chocolate Tree Dark Chocolate With Strawberry & Pepper

This is the last of the three Chocolate Tree bars I picked up on my recent trip to Edinburgh. It has crushed black peppercorns and dried strawberries, which struck me as an interesting and unusual combination. I’d had chocolate with …

Hotel Chocolat 50% Island Growers Gianduja

Gianduja, for the uninitiated, is a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut paste. It’s sometimes sold in blocks (great for creating delicious desserts), used as a filling for individual chocolates, or as in this case, simply cut into small squares and …

Cadbury Raisin BrunchBar

I’m going to be honest with you. I won these in the tombola at East Finchley Festival. I didn’t buy them, and Cadbury certainly didn’t send us them. Because they never send us anything. I’m not really a breakfast bar …

Mood Foods OmBar Fruit Bars

Mood foods have redesigned, rebranded and re-invented their range of Ombars, one of which I reviewed last year. The 2010 models are completely different though, with the cocoa content up to 60%, and a new sweetening agent in the mix. …

Paul A. Young 72% Venezuelan with Tellicherry Pepper

This is one of Paul A. Young’s latest creations. It was thrust into my hand at the recent Taste of London event in Regents Park, and also one of the samples on offer at Jennifer Earle’s Chocs & Tunes tasting …

Hotel Chocolat Super Boosters

Any chocolate that comes in a test tube must be good. If it’s made from cocoa nibs and has a Hotel Chocolat logo on it, then it should be awesome. The name and presentation are clearly designed to get you …

Chocolate Cafe Milk Chocolate With Honeycomb

The second in a trio of bars from The Chocolate Cafe is this milk chocolate with honeycomb. It’s a 33.6% cocoa solids chocolate that describes itself as “premium” for some reason. I’m not convinced that’s a great way to describe …

Mama’s Chocolate & Mint Cream Fudge

Here’s something I picked up at my local farmers market on a very hot day in Finchley. It was my first visit to the market and I wasn’t expecting to see anything chocolate related, especially on the hotest day of …

Chocolate Café Strawberry Chocolate With Black Pepper

The Chocolate Café is a chocolate shop and café in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. As you can see from the picture above, they don’t just sell other people’s chocolate, they also have their own label. They sent us three bars to try, …

The Chocolate Tree “Seeds” Milk Chocolate

Having recently written about this Edinburgh company and their excellent chilli chocolate, I was obviously keen to try another one of The Chocolate Tree’s bars. This time it was their milk chocolate bar with seeds. The bar contains sunflower, pumpkin …

Auberge du Chocolat Signature Dairy Free Range

I picked this little selection up from the Auberge stand at Taste of London last week. I asked the girls to pick out a selection of their favourites, and they chose to go with this “Dairy Free” selection. I use …

Bellina Chocolate House, Cambridge

Whilst out and about on my travels a while ago, I tracked down the Bellina Chocolate House in Cambridge. Located in newer premises on Bridge Street (having moved from a small side street which is also home to a fantastic …

Hotel Chocolat The Purist 50% Milk Island Growers

I happened to pass by one of Hotel Chocolat’s stores recently and decided to pop in for a look, since we’ve not been sent anything from them for a while. While Hotel Chocolat continue to bring out ever more outrageous, …

Nicky Grant Selection

There’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering a fresh chocolate maker that I haven’t come across before, so I was delighted when the postman tried (and failed) to squeeze this little box through my letterbox. Luckily the chocolates and the …

The Chocolate Tree Chilli Milk Chocolate

This week, I am in Edinburgh where a friend has tipped me off to the existence of The Chocolate Tree, a local place selling handcrafted certified organic chocolates. I grabbed a few of their interesting-looking bars to try. £5 got …

Chocolate & Love Crushed Diamonds

This is one of the Chocolate & Love own branded bars that I picked up at their recent tasting session in central London. It’s one of those strange chocolates that can’t decide if it wants to be dark or milk. …

Matcha Chocolat Jade Selection

Tea chocolate is very much the in thing right now. I think the fact that Katie Christoffers, the brains behind Matcha Chocolat sent us this new collection in the same week as the Paul A. Young & Henrietta Lovell tea …

Chocoholly Strawberry & Chilli White Chocolate

This is one of the bars Holly gave me at the Real Food Festival recently, and it’s been sat in my chocolate stash begging to be eaten, so I thought it was about time I tried it. The colour is …

Damian Allsop Clouds

Damien Allsop is another Michelin standard Head Pastry Chef turned chocolatier, and he has taken an unusualk approach to many of his products, including the CH20colates Dom reviewed (and didn’t much care for). It isn’t very often that someone comes … Chocolate Coated Giant Ants

Can you tell what it is yet? After my review of the chocolate coated worms and crickets was published, Chocablog reader Amy kind of dared me to review these. So I did. For about a pound a go (plus postage) …

Duffy’s Star Of Peru 43%

Time for another bar from Duffy Sheardown – one of only two bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the UK. This time it’s a milk chocolate made with Peruvian beans. As with all the bars in the range, the packaging is simple …

Willie’s Cacao Madagascan 71 Sambirano Superior

Willie Harcourt-Cooze is one of only two bean to bar chocolate makers in the UK. Most famously, he was the subject of Channel 4’s “Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory”, and in chocolate circles, he’s known as much for his personality as …

Chocolate Utopia Selection

Finding myself in Nottingham for the day I decided to see if I could find any noteworthy chocolate shops, and Chocolate Utopia popped up at the top of the list. Since the shop was only a five minute walk away …

Cadbury Crunchie, Caramel & Turkish Biscuits

These new biscuits come in three varieties – Crunchie, Caramel and Turkish – and are made for Cadbury by Burton’s Foods who sent us these samples. Now I’m not the biggest fan of biscuits in the world, so I took …

Paul A. Young Marmite XO Bar

I’ve known this bar was coming for a couple of months and I’ve sat and waited patiently for it to appear. Today it finally arrived, and I think my life may be complete. Yes, this is what happens when you …

Duffy’s Heart of Panama 70%

It may surprise you to learn that there are only two people making chocolate from the bean in the UK. The first was Willie Harcourt-Cooze (of Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory fame), and now we have Duffy Sheardown and his Red …

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe Old Jamaica

Older readers may remember those iconic (and downright silly) ads for Cadbury’s Old Jamaica in the 70s and 80s. I remember it being a favourite of my mother at the time, but for some reason Cadbury discontinued it in the …

Chocoholly Salted Caramels

Holly Caulfied – aka Chocoholly – is one of my favourite British chocolatiers. Not only is she an all-round lovely person to know, but her artistic talents make her chocolates some of the most creative and attractive chocolates around. The …

Popina White Chocolate & Coffee Truffle Brownie

I picked this little beauty up from the Popina stand at the Real Food Festival at Earls Court on Friday. According to their web site, it’s made with 72% dark chocolate, white chocolate and coffee, but I wanted to see …

Betsy & Bill’s Handmade Chocolates

I’m always interested to discover new chocolatiers, especially when they’re local to me. So it was with some excitement that I picked up this little bag of chocolates from the shelf of my local Budgens, which proudly proclaimed itself as …

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty Berry Fruit & Vanilla Shortcake

These Cadbury ‘Bars of Plenty’ have been around for a while now, so I thought it was about time I tried one. The basic concept is a Dairy Milk bar stuffed with as much other stuff as humanly possible. Presumably …

Galaxy Bubbles

It seems the folks at Mars UK have a bit of a thing for Galaxy at the moment. Not only have we just seen the relaunch of that 70s classic Galaxy Counters, but now it seems they want to steal …

Rococo Dark Chocolate Floral Bee Bars

These little 20g bars were part of my haul from the Rococo stand at the Southbank Chocolate Festival last month. Rococo do a range of these little ‘Bee Bars’ in both milk and dark chocolate varieties, but I thought I’d …

James Caramel & Vanilla Discs

Time for another offering from James Chocolates, and this time we have some rather interesting looking caramel chocolate discs with vanilla and sea salt. The thing that intrigued me most though, was that ‘Great Taste Gold’ award logo on the …

William Curley Cinnamon Milk Chocolate

This rather ordinary looking box conceals 50g of cinnamon flavoured milk chocolate from Britain’s best chocolatier (at least according to The Academy of Chocolate). Picked up from his stand at the London Chocolate Festival for the princely sum of £3.50. …

Hotel Chocolat The Purist Madagascar Dark 72%

I chose this bar from Hotel Chocolat, partly because I wanted a change from the usual seasonal promotional items they send us, but primarily because I’m a big fan of Madagascan chocolate. This is the first time I’ve had one …

The Chocolate Heart Mini Bars

These mini bars are made in Brighton by The Chocolate Heart and one thing that sets them aside from many other chocolate makers is that this chocolate is dairy free, something I happen to know to be very important to …

Rabot Estate Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

These cacao nibs were nabbed from the opening of the Rabot Estate shop in Borough Market, and as you can see, come in two varieties – milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Nibs, if you don’t already know, are simply the …

Artisan du Chocolat Ginger & Lemongrass Milk Chocolate

Back in October, Simon reviewed Artisan du Chocolat’s Mole Poblano, a sibling to this bar. Like the Mole bar, this Ginger & Lemongrass one has some notes from Artisan’s Gerard Coleman on the back of the box: “According to traditional …

Gü Brownies

Brownies. Odd things when you think about it. One basic recipe with one perfect outcome, but variations abound. Some use nuts, others just fruit, others fruit, nuts and marshmallows. Everyone seems to have a slightly different take. For example, Paul …

Ooh La La Chocolaterie Spring Collection

It’s been a while since I looked at anything from Ooh La La, so I decided to pick up a box with ‘one of everything’ from their Spring Collection when I saw them at the recent London Chocolate Festival. There …

Damian Allsop CH20colates

I picked this box up at the London Chocolate Festival, and although I quickly lost track of how much I was spending, Damian Allsop’s web site tells me they’re £13.50 for this box of 12 chocolates. Or roughly £1.13 per …

Ashleys Turkish Delight Thins

As I was passing through my local Foodland the other day, these caught my eye. Partly because I saw my own name (admittedly, with the alternate spelling, but nevertheless) – and partly because of the magic words: “Turkish Delight”. I …

Paul Wayne Gregory Selection

This was the little box I was presented with after having challenged Paul Wayne Gregory to pick his favourites from the selection on offer at The London Chocolate Festival. He also gave me a lollipop, but that’s a different story. …

Thorntons Antioxi-Choc Berry Boost

Yet another from the (seemingly endless) range of Thornton’s slabs (are they trying to outdo Nestlé’s Japanese KitKat range?) this slab comes with added health benefits in the form of ‘Acticoa‘ – apparently two squares a day is enough to …

The Big Yum Chocolate Swerves

I first tried The Big Yum’s chocolatey offerings back in 2008, and frankly didn’t think enough of them to write anything. At the time, they sent me some samples and lots of brightly coloured, highly polished marketing material, but the …

James Raspberry Truffles

Time for something else from James. This time we have some dark chocolate raspberry truffles. Sounds good. The first thing I noticed about these is that the colour is a little odd. Because they’re dark chocolate, dusted in pink raspberry …

Co Couture Gold Collection

Another new name to me at the London Chocolate Festival last month was Co Couture from Belfast. I picked up this little box of chocs and some chocolate fudge which may just end up scoffed without being reviewed as it …

Choki Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Choki of Brockley were new to me at last week’s London Chocolate Festival. Based in Brockley in South London and started by Gemma and Rowan just last year, they produce a range of handmade bars and truffles. Naturally, the stuff …

Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipop With Popping Candy

I think it’s fairly safe to say that for many people Paul Wayne Gregory was something fo a highlight at the South Bank in London last weekend. If the seemingly permanent crowd his stand were anything to go by, he …

Galaxy Counters

Galaxy Counters – a blast from the past, reincarnated in sexy new packaging. Well, I say ‘sexy’. It’s really just a plastic pouch, but it’s a step up from what we used to have in the seventies. Clearly they were …

James Dark Chocolate Cupcake Egg

I’ve reviewed a few James Chocolates products before and had mixed experiences. More often than not, they’re beautifully presented original designs, but the actual chocolate has left something to be desired. I usually find James products in the “expensive chocolate …

Artisan du Chocolat Creme de la Creme Egg

I picked this little egg up from Artisan du Chocolat’s stall at the London Chocolate Festival on Friday – a freebie for remembering their ‘magic word of the day’. They come in milk and dark chocolate varieties. This is the …

Rococo Chocolates Quail Eggs

Two days ago I bought a house. As you can see, it’s not a very big house, but with London property prices the way they are, it’s all I could afford. The house in question was purchased at the London …

Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Bars

From the people who brought you the ultra-expensive and ultra-yummy chocolate dipped fresh strawberries comes this collection of freeze-dried berries in chocolate. We have four bars here, in a combination of strawberries and raspberries in white and dark chocolate chocolate. …

Paul A. Young Sea Salted Caramel Egg

Ask me to list my favourite chocolates of all time (which people do all too frequently), and right up at the top of that list are Paul A. Young’s sea salted caramels. We saw quite a craze for sea salted …

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company

I can’t say the words “gourmet”, “chocolate” and “pizza” are words I would consider using to describe a product, but as you can see, that’s apparently what lurks inside this nine inch pizza box. I have to say, I wasn’t …

Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

Ah, Asda. Part of the world’s largest public company and purveyor of fine chocolates… perhaps. We’ve never actually reviewed anything from Asda – partly perhaps because they’re not known for their chocolate, but primarily because nobody at Chocablog lives anywhere …