Thornton’s Nougat Dipped In Chocolate

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Thornton’s Nougat

One of my favourite childhood sweet memories is proper old-fashioned nougat. Huge bars of the stuff that were so thick, it was a struggle to bite a chunk off. Bars of nougat with the texture of polystyrene sandwiched between two pieces of card…

Ok, so I’m weird. But I loved the nougat my local sweet shop used to sell in the early 80s. It was nutty, fruity and chewy, and unlike anything else. But I’ve not had proper nougat in years.

Until yesterday, when I saw this box of nougat dipped in chocolate – on the shelf in Thorntons. Those three words – “dipped in chocolate” – gave me an excuse to buy them. They obviously had to be reviewed on Chocablog.

Thornton’s Nougat

As you can see, the box contains nougat pieces two varieties of nougat, half-coated in chocolate. The darker one is flavoured with chocolate, orange, cranberry and hazelnuts, and the lighter one with almond and honey.

The front of the box says the chocolate is a “blend of milk and dark”, but the back of the box calls it milk chocolate. Either way, it’s quite tasty and definitely adds something to the nougat.

Of the two, I prefer flavours, I prefer the more unconventional chocolate flavoured nougat – not because of the chocolate, but because it has a real fruitiness that comes through when you start chewing it.

Personally, I really liked these – weird polystyrene texture and all – and demolished the box within a couple of hours. If you’re not a fan of hard, chewy nougat, you almost certainly won’t like these – but if you’re the same age as me, they might just rekindle memories of your favourite childhood sweet shop. Sigh.


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  1. Simon

    Yup – I used to love the old fashioned pink nougat too. Of course, my favourite sweetshop was the one I lived in!

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