Cadbury Clusters

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Cadbury Clusters

From the same stable as Cadbury Raisins comes another totally-un-resealable bag of vaguely disturbing looking stuff. This time we have chocolated coated raisins (original, huh?) with the addition of corn flakes and smushed into ‘clusters’.

Like their raisin-only counterparts, these are equally moreish. Despite knowing better, I still haven’t managed to put the bag down.

Cadbury Clusters

The corn flakes do make a nice addition, adding a little bit of a crunch to proceedings. You still get a decent helping of that fruity, chewy raisin goodness as well as a good amount of chocolate covering each cluster. Thankfully there’s none of that icky shellac coating either. The overall texture is not unlike Kellog’s Rice Krispie Squares.

One thing worth noting is that although the bag is the same size as the Cadbury Raisins bag, you only get 150g here rather than 200g. Now I’m sure that’s partly because raisins on their own are heavier than raisins mixed with corn flakes, but sneakily, both are priced at £1.67 – making these 25% more expensive weight for weight.

Even so – and despite scoffing the raisins in one sitting – I’d rather have a bag of these. They’re just that little bit more interesting. Don’t go thinking of them as proper chocolate though, as they’re nothing more than a chocolate flavoured snack food. But they fulfil that role quite well.


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  1. u8mypinkcookies

    cool. we don’t have this in Manila though. sad 🙁

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