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Here’s another company producing raw chocolate using low temperature production and chemical-free cocoa and Agave syrup. Their production methods are similar to those of the two Emmas (‘Conscious‘ Emma and ‘Pure‘ Emma), so I was expecting something similar in the way of tastes as well.

The Mulu range consists of three different bars, Silk, Dark, and Dark with Raw Cocoa Nibs (of which I am very fond), all of which are made with Ecuadorean cacao. This particular cacao is known for it’s subtle, light flvours and heavy, bold body. The flavours tend to be very light, floral notes which can exhibit traces of coffee, vanilla and spice with virtually no bitterness.

As the company are still awaiting their packaging, I was sent one boxed bar and a couple of sample cubes of the other two types.

I decided to go for the Silk chocolate first, as it suggested a light, soft chocolate. The cubes were quite large, so I began by biting one in half. I was quite surprised at how sweet the chocolate was – not sugary sweet, but a very light, almost floral sweetness. The chocolate flavours were also very subtle, and it melted away with amazing lightness and delicacy. I found myself quickly reaching for the second square just so I could continue making notes on the flavours, which certainly lived up to the promise that Ecuadorean cacao offered. Silk indeed!

Palate refreshed, I ripped open the second sellophane bag and extracted a square of Dark. Again the softness, slightly less sweetness and a little more dark cacao flavour. The mouthfeel was extremely delicate and soft and the chocolate melted away leaving my mouth feeling fresh. No sign of overly powerful flavours or cloying textures here, and none of the grainy feel Ihad experienced with other raw chocolate.

Saving (what I imagined would be) the best for last, I approached the finished package which housed the Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs. Nine squares of the Dark chocolate topped off with raw Ecuadorean cacao nibs – fab!

I was immediately impressed by how well behaved the cacao nibs were – they had been corralled onto the top of each piece of chocolate in a terribly well organised fashion and showed no sign of wanting to break free. Once again the chocolate melted away very quickly, leaving a custer of cacao nibs for me to slowly chew my way through. The nibs provided more complex flavours – notes of citrus, vanilla and nuts to follow on from the much lighter flavours of the raw chocolate.

From a personal perspective I’m glad that there’s more of this stuff being made. Chocolate as health food must be high on a lot of people’s lists of great ideas anyway, so more awareness of just how good for you cacao can be can never be a bad thing. Being samples, I have no idea about pricing for Mulu’s range, and the website has yet to be completed, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will cost a bit more than bar of Dairy Milk. If you haven’t tried raw cacao before, I can only recommend that you try and track some down.


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  1. Sounds heavenly! Thanks for the review, I hadn’t heard of this kind of chocolate yet.

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