Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Tiffin Squares

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Every once in a while, I like to pick up something random from the shelves of Tesco for lunch review purposes.

Today I thought I’d sample some of their Finest range, so picked up these strangely packaged tiffin squares, which are held together in a form of plastic skyscraper for some reason. They’re dense, unbaked squares with crushed biscuit, glacé cherries, sultanas and coconut topped with a thin layer of milk chocolate.

The squares are almost brownie-like in consistency with a slightly doughy flavour. They are perhaps slightly dry though. Without the thin layer of milk chocolate on the top, they would probably fall apart as you ate them.

How do they taste? Well, they’re OK, but nothing spectacular. All the flavours come through nicely, especially cherry, and the milk chocolate (of unstated cocoa solids percentage) is above average. The only real let down is that they are just slightly too dry and crumbly. I found myself making a significant mess during the course of this review.

Overall then, a nice accompaniment to a cup of tea and a sit down, but nothing more than that. They won’t wow your VIP guests, but they’ll probably give your Hoover a good workout.


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  1. Sal

    Actually, Sainsbury’s bog-standard version (they come in a pack of three from the bakery) are nicer, and although still crumbly, they are more moist than Tesco’s ones. They are my special treat!

  2. A tiffin is a stacked lunch box, so I imagine that it why these are packaged as they are in a plastic skyscraper. I’ve never heard of a tiffin slice as such, although of course there could be one.

  3. Good tips, I had contemplated purchasing these myself, I think I’ll hold off for a coupon or free sample now. Thanks!

  4. I personally like the one’s from M&S that are also stacked in this way… Nom!

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