Ashleys Turkish Delight Thins

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Ashley's Turkish Delight Thins

As I was passing through my local Foodland the other day, these caught my eye. Partly because I saw my own name (admittedly, with the alternate spelling, but nevertheless) – and partly because of the magic words: “Turkish Delight”.

I haven’t heard of Ashley’s chocolates before. Checking the pack shows an ingredients list in 9 languages – and it turns out that the manufacturer is in Birmingham. It seems reasonable, then, to assume these are going to be available in about ¾ of the whole wide world. Which, as we’ll see in a moment, is a shame. I also did some searching to try and locate the manufacturer, and this turns out to be pretty much an impossible task – all we have to go on is Birmingham, and a UK postal code. No web site, and Mr Google turns out to be of no assistance at all. Nor does the UK White Pages. Curioser and curioser.

Anyhow – beyond the sleuthing, I was itching to try these and see if they are as good as some of the other TD’s I’ve sampled before. Or perhaps, just see how they compare to a Fry’s (Cadbury).

Cutting and removing the cellophane from the box had me off to a good start – a big strong whiff of rosewater. MMmmmmmm! This should be OK then. How wrong I was.

Ashley's Turkish Delight Thins

On the inside, we find a very pale chocolate. I suppose I should have read the back of the pack, had I done so I may well have left these on the shelf: sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, glucose syrup, whey powder, water, cocoa powder… somewhere in there is flavour. OH. DEAR. The chocolate, as you can see from the picture above, has a slightly spotty, gritty appearance – as though there are tiny white specs in it. Weird. And it is compounded using cocoa powder. Not chocolate at all then. The “flavour” is unspecified, so is the cocoa percentage.

These smelled sweet. And taste of nothing much apart from sweet. That big fat whiff of rosewater – I think that was the flavour escaping, and once gone there was none left. Oldest son does not like Turkish Delight – on the grounds there is no flavour I got him to try one of these. His verdict: Meh. The Lady of the House says: Way too sweet. No flavour.

The pack claims “serving per pack: 4” in the nutrition panel. How anyone could eat more than one of these is beyond me. Way too sweet. Low quality chocolate. No flavour. Yuk.

Now I see why the manufacturer can’t be located. These are not good. I don’t think we will be able to eat the rest. If you come across these and you like sweet and bland – buy a shopping trolley full. Otherwise, don’t bother.


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