Nuggs Mango & Cardamom Milk Chocolate Slab

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Nuggs Mango & Cardamom Milk Chocolate Slab

I came across this bar while browsing in a branch of Oil & Vinegar, wherein I was very pleased to discover a number of unusual chocolatey products.

There were a number of Nuggs bars available, but I chose this one because I happen to LOVE cardamom. The milk chocolate is a healthy 35% cocoa, although no country of origin is given. It would seem that Nuggs are fairly close to me geographically, being based in Guildford, Surrey, but as yet they have don’t have a web presence.

The chocolate delivers the flavour of the cardamom almost before it hits your palate. That unique, almost citrus, spicy tang is all over your tongue as soon as the chocolate begins to melt. The trick is to start attacking the sliver of dried mango as soon as possible in order to allow it to ad its more subtle fruit flavours to the mix. The chocolate is a rich, creamy milk chocolate with a full, rounded flavour and a clean finish. Inevitably you’re left with the mango as a finisher, and it works as an excellent fruity palate cleanser

A good mix of two flavours not found everyday, and seemingly available by a chain (of sorts). Well worth checking out.


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  1. Oh, it sounds so wonderful! I happen to love both cardamom and mango, so I bet this bar would suit me perfectly! Looks like I’ll need to pop into Oil & Vinegar shortly… 🙂

  2. “NUGGS” eh? Sounds like a third nipple that most people wouldn’t want to advertise…!

    The chocolate itself looks pretty nice though.

  3. VelvetTea

    Wow, I’m from Guildford. I shall definitely be keeping a look out for this. ^.^

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