Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

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Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

It’s fair to say that I’ve not loved everything I’ve reviewed from Charbonnel Et Walker in the past. They’re one of London’s oldest chocolate shops and have an old fashioned image to match. That’s great – there’s nothing wrong with a traditional approach – but sometimes I feel that image comes at the expense of quality.

I realise that’s unlikely to change. Charbonnel chocolates aren’t really designed for me – but I was still curious to see what they’d come up with for Valentines Day when they offered to send this 255g box.

Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

The packaging is rather nice. The heart shaped box is both attractive and sturdy. It’s the kind of thing you might want to reuse for something. The list of ingredients on the back is lengthy, to say the least. But these aren’t fresh artisan chocolates, so you can expect some preservatives. Plus of course, the ingredients cover every chocolate in the box – and in this box, all the chocolates are different.

Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

I won’t even be attempting to talk about each individual chocolate here, but rather give an overall impression of the collection.

There’s a good mix of 33.5% cocoa solids milk chocolate and 60% dark chocolate. They’re certainly designed for someone with a sweeter tooth than I, but the most noticeable thing about them is that they’re quite a bit larger than I was expecting.

Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

There are plenty of fondant type fillings in the collection, some fudge and caramel variations, and a few with nuts. In terms of flavour, many of them reminded me of Quality Street, so if that’s your thing, you may well love them.

I have to say though that despite the nice presentation and decent sized box, these didn’t really do it for me. And with only a day to go until Valentine’s Days, I do think you’d be better off getting hold of some real, fresh artisan chocolates.

But if your Valentine is into the sweet stuff, these may suffice.


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  1. Have you ever tried Leonidas bonbons? Or did you write an article somewhere on the site? Couldn’t find it at this moment. They are delicious! 😀

  2. sudhakar

    I thought C &W were meant to be a bit high end. Clearly not. Disappointing. I should just make my own. Chocolaterie owner, Leonidas are amazing.

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