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It’s a good thing that Cadbury Time Out come in multi packs because quite simply, one is not enough!

Ok so these multi packs contain smaller twin bars but still….

Certain foods leave you wanting more when you have eaten what can be considered the correct portion, and Time Out is one such food item. Moreish is the word to describe this chocolate. Is it just we Brits who use the word moreish?

The multi packs are found in the biscuit section of the supermarket, so, are they biscuits? I think not! I’m sure they are displayed alongside the other chocolate bars in smaller shops but having never looked for them in a smaller shop I couldn’t say for certain – buy a single bar of chocolate? Not me!

If Time Out was a wafer covered in chocolate then I’d say ‘yes, it’s a biscuit’, but these fingers contain two thin, light and crispy wafers which sandwich a slice of what appears to be Flake or Twirl. This is all then covered in milk chocolate. So you see, more chocolate , less wafer – even Dom may approve of these.

The pack states ‘ Two milk chocolate covered wafer fingers with milk chocolate centres.’ I personally think that Cadbury aren’t doing themselves any favours by describing it as a milk chocolate centre because this description tends to imply a solid centre. The fact that the centre isn’t solid but crumbly and soft is what makes Time Out so delicious. So trust me on this, don’t be fooled by the wrapper.

Are biscuits less guilt laden than chocolate bars? Do you suffer from chocaguilt? If you answered yes to both these questions then Time Out is for you. “They were on the biscuit shelf m’lud.” – we won’t tell 😉


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  1. dee

    kitkat and timeout seems to be identical, but kitkat is better! 🙂

  2. Wow. Just swinging by, but you have something quite nice going on here. Most food sites make me want to puke, but yours is quite nicely done.

    I’m not sure if you can keep the chocolate posts going, but best of luck either way!

  3. Conor

    I eat like 4 of these a day. And now you’ve made me start craving. =(

  4. river

    Kitkat and Timeout are in NO WAY identical.

  5. Aaron

    KitKat and TimeOut are not identical, and who ever thinks that doesn’t have a clue!

  6. marianne

    hey i like time out and its not as kit kat at all time out is the best but somehow i cant find it in canada and us at all! its only in the uk why???

  7. Time Out > Kit Kat. I mean please.

    I wish they’d sell them in the States too. As it is I have to rely on import and specialty stores (and infrequent trips across the pond). I know of one each in Denver, Salt Lake, Provo and I think maybe Billings (Montana). Look around, there’s bound to be one somewhere near(ish) to where you live.

  8. Oh and BTW, friends of mine who have tried them say they remind them of cookies and cream. It’s kinda true.

  9. David

    They are sold here in Australia too and have been since 1995 (3 years after the uk)

    I am eating one right now and was trying to describe it to someone which is why I found this site.

    Kit-Kats don’t have the same centre at all and though both are delicious and made by seperate companies, I prefer TimeOuts

  10. Alistair

    Cadbury’s Time Out just got even smaller (yes, again!). The new single-finger bar is 16 grams (down from 20.5 grams). Guess whether it costs less.

  11. noha

    i really love time out….

  12. norman

    dear all,

    where can i buy chocolate time KL.

  13. soph

    hi i cant seem to find time-out in the uk anymore???

  14. Chocaholic

    Is there a candablog? I’m a bit candy-mad.
    kisses(hershey) from england

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