Gü Brownies

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Gü Brownies

Brownies. Odd things when you think about it. One basic recipe with one perfect outcome, but variations abound. Some use nuts, others just fruit, others fruit, nuts and marshmallows. Everyone seems to have a slightly different take. For example, Paul A. Young’s slightly over the top killer brownies – an occasional treat (for a family of four) and representing the pinnacle of brownie making. If you like a smooth, dense darkly sweet chocolate brownie with no bits. If you happen to be an afficianado of the nutty, fruity brownie then no amount of waxing lyrical about ingredients and texture would ever sway you into thinking that something like that could ever be a brownie.

Well, my new friends at make brownies, and they’re available in supermarkets so everyone can try them – assuming you enjoy a brownie with a sprinkling of pecans. As you can see from the photo (using the Chocablog 20p standard unit of comparison) they’re a respectable size. They’re also fairly dense, as a good brownie should be.

Gü Brownies

When it comes to the tasting, these brownies have that classic slightly crisp layer on the outside. It’s not quite biscuity but it has that crumble, and it paves the way for the heart of the brownie. With 50% cocoa chocolate and a good showing of pecans the inside of this brownie has that smooth, deeply flavoured melting texture that goes so well with so many things. Furthermore, you get eight of these for less than the price of one of the Brownie King’s creations, and while these may not have the power to stop you in your tracks and transport you to some other dimension for a few moments, they will satisfy your lust for something chewy, chocolatey and nutty. As brownies go, these are some of the best I’ve seen on sale in large supermarkets.

I’ve been enjoying dressing these up before serving. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or some fresh fruit and cream, and create interesting variations (and a bigger dessert!) or just take one to the office for that mid afternoon pick-me-up.


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  1. GrumpyTart

    Wish people wouldn’t spoil good things with bloody nuts!

  2. Flavia

    I have to say that, after trying these yesterday, I still can’t believe you could write a positive thing about them. They taste like anything but (good) chocolate, and I still can’t believe they’re made with 50% cocoa! They’re sugary, dry (mine will expire on May 20th, so there’s enough time for them to still be considered fresh…) and most of all… tasteless.
    I’m sorry but overall I’m more disappointed with you than with Gu.

  3. Teresa Dwiggins

    I’m trying to find a brownie from my past. From your description, these are just what I’m looking for! Are these available in the US?
    Thank you!


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