Claire Clark Jaffa Cake

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I was lucky enough to be given this amazing creation on my Chocolate Ecstasy Tour of Chelsea chocolate shops at the weekend. We took a detour from the usual tour route to visit Claire’s pop-up patisserie in Harvey Nichols. We even got a chance to chat to Claire herself – but I’ll tell you about that when I post my full write-up of the tour!

A lot of Claire’s creations are inspired by childhood memories and nostalgia, and this is clearly no exception. It’s like a McVitie’s Jaffa Cake on acid. But where you get a thin disc of orangey jelly in the off-the-shelf version, Claire gives you an entire mountain of light, tangy orangeyness to contend with.

And she’s managed to capture the childhood experience of your first Jaffa Cake perfectly. The soft base, delicious dark chocolate, and thick orange jelly have been recreated with wonderfully fresh, fine ingredients (including 70% Amedei Toscano chocolate) in a way that manages to bring those childhood memories flooding back. It’s like having your Jaffa Cake virginity taken all over again.

Of course, the problem with McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes was always that once you had one, you had to eat the whole box in one go. One of the downsides of having one of the country’s finest pastry chefs make them for you is that you only get one per box. So the only negative thing I can say about this is that I want more!

Claire Clark’s pop-up patisserie in Harvey Nichols will only be around for a couple of months, so if you want to try her creations for yourself, I recommend getting down there now.


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  1. manuela

    I went along to Harvey Nicks today, sorry but was not impressed. massively overpriced, the macaroons are so bright you need sunglasses on to eat them and the battenburg was also a garish artificialy yellow coloured marzipan.
    Not recommended.

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