Caley’s Marching Chocolate

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Caley's Marching Chocolate

I came across this in a branch of Morrison’s (UK Supermarket chain). There was also a dark version, but I quite fancied a cocoa-rich milk chocolate so I plumped for this one.

Caley’s have been making chocolate for over a century, and marching chocolate was originally created as a ration for troops in the Great War.

Apart from being high in cocoa, this is also a Fairtrade product, with over three quarters of ingredients certified to International Fairtrade standards, so it’s bound to appeal to anyone who wishes to support the Fairtrade movement.

I’m happy to report that it’s also damned fine chocolate. Smooth, creamy, and rich with a soft mouthfeel and a clean finish, it’s everything you’d want milk chocolate to taste like.

The Caleys website shows that they produce a wide range of chocolate products, most of them Fairtrade (the site states the company’s ambition to be fully Fairtrade by summer 2008) and if the rest of the range is as good as this, I could find myself becoming a regular Caleys customer.

Highly recommended.


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  1. Maggie

    I picked this one up when doing my grocery shopping on my way back home and I was really surprised something so insignificantly looking can taste so delicious. Really good! Need to try the dark version now – I bet it’s equally delicious!

  2. Craig

    The dark chocolate variety is absolutely stunning with a good bittersweet taste building up to a slight aftertaste of coffee. Highly recommended for those of you who like a strong but
    Rich dark chocolate.

  3. Amanda

    I also bought a Marching Chocolate from Morrisons, and then went back and bought 6 more……… it’s delicious and fairtrade, 2 of the most important requirements for me – though that was the only time I found it in that store, great pity.

  4. Matt

    Caley’s is the best chocolate in my opinion. Not only does it taste great, it’s made from real ingredients. There’s none of this cheap vegetable fat filler or anything of that nature.
    Although it is sold in Morrison’s, it’s rather pot luck to find it there. If you live in Norwich however, they have a shop and cafe on Gaol Hill by the market where they also sell a selection of individual chocs alongside the bars and drinking chocolate.

  5. Bob Harvey

    I’m very curious about who makes this. according to:
    Caleys were borged by Macintosh, who are now Nestle.

    The current Caley Candy web site ‘about us’ page says:
    Caley’s of Norwich Ltd., Crest House, Middle Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8EG, UK

    So who are they? how are they able to claim continuity? fascinating.

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