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Pardon me boys, is that a Crunchie in your knapsack?

…If so, then gimme gimme gimme. It is Friday afterall and I DO have that feeling.

You’ve got to love the advert from the ‘80s, although you won’t love me in a few hours when you are still singing it.

The thing about the advert is; when adverts are on the TV we use the time to unwrap chocolates or re-arrange our supply of choccy nibbles, making sure they are in easy reach when the TV show starts again, so, when you don’t realise the correct context of these words, it can be quite alarming. “Swing baby swing” the men sing. Well, if you think I will be swapping my chocolate bar with some strange couple you can think again! It is quiet a relief to realise they are actually referring to golf. Now, that’s not a line I ever thought I would say/type!


Cadbury Crunchie; Milk Chocolate with a golden honeycombed centre. It is indeed what it says on the wrapper. Nothing more nothing less. For once I can say that I don’t believe it has shrunk in size over the years (unlike my jeans) Maybe it has shrunk and I’ve reached that stage of life where I annoy people with my selective memory? No, no can’t be that.

I reckon there is just the right amount of chocolate covering on this bar. Maybe a little more wouldn’t go amiss but if Cadbury were to reduce the amount then take it from me I will be starting the petition, leafleting and t-shirt campaign.

Crunchie is one of those bars that must be eaten at the right temperature, ie room temp. Don’t mess with storage temperature with these bars or the honeycomb stops crunching and starts breaking fillings or even worse….becomes chewy! Buy the Crunchie fresh. Choose your Chocolate shop wisely. The shops needs to have a fast turnover of confectionary. If the shop is located near a school and the shelves are emptied each lunch break then you are onto a winner. Don’t be afraid to request an inspection of the shops storage facilities. You can’t take it for granted that they have blacked out all sunlight and adjusted the air-con.

Crunchie is a nice alternative to a simple bar of chocolate. You might not realise you are in the mood for honeycomb…until you take the first bite. The bar will be gone in seconds, trust me.

Thank crunchie it’s Friday! I’ve got that Crunchie feeling, I’m frisky as a lamb….


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  1. Superstar

    Cruchie is by far the best chocolate bar ever!!!!



  3. Lindsay

    hi i would like to know where in south africa/Cape town i can buy the white chocolate crunchie

  4. Rebecca

    OMG!!!!! I love crunches! I love ur description of them I agree sooooo much!!!!!! U r so awesome to write that! 🙂

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