Sobo Chocolate Cookies

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I picked these up at the Southbank Chocolate Festival this weekend, and thought they were worth telling you about.

Sobo Chocolate are a London based company producing handmade cookies for sale at cafés and restaurants around the capital and direct to the public at markets and events like the Chocolate Festival.

When I bought them, four cookies didn’t seem like a lot. A light lunch, I told myself…

But these cookies are big – 4-5 inches across, and rather than a light lunch, I ended up with something closer to a light diabetic coma.

Sobo Cookies come in various flavours (mostly with generous helpings of chocolate chips), but as they’re sold loose without labels, I’m not entirely sure what I ended up with. Apart from the obviously chocolatey cookie (which turned out not to be my favourite), they’re all quite similar.

They have the perfect balance of a crunchy outer layer and delicious chewy innards, but they are very, very sweet. Even before I’d finished half a cookie, I could feel myself shaking. Not that a few shakes would stop me eating yummy cookies.

But a day later and I’ve still not finished them. So while I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to cookie lovers, I’d also advise against buying more than one per person.


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