Lindt Cherry

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Lindt Cherry

This one’s part of the same range as the Lindt Raspberry that Simon reviewed last week, and the format is exactly the same – a large bar of milk chocolate divided into liquid filled chunks.

The most striking thing about these Lindt bars is definitely the design. It looks like a thin slab of chocolate with ‘capsules’ stuck on the front. It’s quite unlike any other design I’ve seen.

Lindt Cherry

Those ‘capsules’ mean that the bar looks very thick when wrapped, but in reality it’s just a 100g bar.

Once you have the chocolate unwrapped, you get a mild aroma of cherries. It’s a smell that reminds me of some milkshake from my childhood – a memory that’s reinforced by letting a chunk slowly melt in the mouth.

But as soon as that chunk breaks, the liquid centre flows out and you get a much stronger cherry hit. Personally, I found it a little too strong for a big bar of chocolate – it’s almost liqueur-like, and just a little overpowering.

I’m sure there will be people that love this – it’s all good quality stuff. But it’s not my favourite Lindt bar by a long way. The flavours are just too strong and the centre is too liquid (potentially very messy if you accidentally break a chunk).

I liked it. I ate it all without assistance. But give me one of the more subtle and finely crafterd Petits Desserts range over this any day.


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  1. Rebeca Oliver

    This is without a doubt THE BEST Chocolate Ever, I Love chocolate and have tried A lot of different Chocolate all around the world, but Lindt cherry is The best one ever.

  2. Joan Smith

    Can someone please tell me where to find these? I love them, but I can’t find them anywhere……HELP!!!

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Joan: sell them in the US. I’ve added a link to this post.

  4. Leda

    I really am desperate to get hold of this chocolate… i live in london…where can i find it!!! Somebody, Anybody, help me find me this chocolate!!! PPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!

  5. Oliver

    We have some in a shop in Bedford I think.. I can check next time I go if you want.

    Or you can come and look for yourself!

  6. Leda

    Where in Bedford would this shop be, also does is have the rasberry flavour??

  7. I didnt look hard because I didnt think it would be hard to come by but its in town, forgot the exact name of the place but its in the arcade somewhere.

    I could either meet you in town sometime and show you the place or go there myself and check next week.

    Click my name to find my email on a forum profile.. either that or wait till next week and ill check. They DEFINATELY have different varieties of Lindt though, was fairly sure there was an apple one but ive seen a Lindor orange in poundland which is rather closeby.

  8. As a side comment, I recently got a bunch of stuff from Uruguay, one of which was also like this in terms of design – filling was an orange cream.

    Sadly – like the Dairy Milk 22g bar, Milka and other chocolate I got with it – it lacks taste. Feels like my taste buds died!

  9. Oliver

    Hmm it isnt letting me leave comments?

  10. Oliver

    Ah it is now.. ok well I posted last night twice but it didnt publish either one – er its in the arcade between poundland and pizza hut.. fairly easy to find – I could check next week sometime for you if you want and repost here with my findings.

  11. Oliver

    Right –

    It is Arcadia in the town centre, in the Arcade between Poundland and Pizza Hut

    They sell Cherry, Pistachio, Strawberry, Cogniac, a whole bunch of others there.

    They have a site as well, although they said it was just the loose sweets only, so I suggested they put the Lindt on there

    11 The Arcade

    Phone number is on the site

    Anyway if you want I can buy some and send it to you if you are too far away, they said they would also take orders as well. Or we could have a chocablog meet – AKA an eat-em-up; chocablog staff and readers alike all enjoying an orgy of Lindt-ing

    Anyway theyve got a fair few Lindt bars – they used to have 99% cocoa and they had the Cuban, Madagascar and Ecuador bars but they sadly have all gone.

  12. Rebeca Oliver

    This chocolate can be found on ebay and also on a couple of websites.. I recommend for anyone to try. I just wish it was easier to get hold of.

  13. i just llllove chocolate cherry more like a chocolate cherry
    lover or anything that chocolate lovers love more chocolate

    they should make mint chocolate or raspberry or licorice
    or something like that

  14. i LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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