Chococo Chocolate Dipped Turkish Delight

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I find myself in the unusual position of having to write this review without any of the product in front of me. I did have some, as you can clearly see from the photos. But they disappeared. I’ve no idea where they went. I guess someone must have eaten them…

As you can see, these are quite simple. £6.95 buys you 135g of rather moreish lemon and rose flavoured Turkish Delight cubes, covered in 70% Grenada chocolate. It’s the contrast of the sweet turkish delight and rich Grenada chocolate that makes them work so well. It takes the edge of the sweetness just long enough for the cube to melt in your mouth and for you to decide you need another one. Once you start eating them it’s very difficult to stop.

Of course, whether you really like these comes down to how much you like Turkish Delight. If you do, you’ll probably find the bag disappears in seconds. And if your experience of Turkish is limited to Fry’s Turkish Delight, then this is something you really should treat yourself to.


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