Kellogg’s Fibre Plus

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Kelloggs Fibre Plus

The other day, this pretty little gold box arrived in the mail. No explanation, no branding, no covering letter. Just a gold box with a label saying “Try Me”. Now, being the kind of person that will always eat unidentified food that’s been sent in the post, I couldn’t resist opening it.

Who was it from? Hotel Chocolat? Thorntons?

Kelloggs Fibre Plus

As it turns out, it was Kellogg’s. I assume it’s meant to be some kind of joke. A cereal bar neatly divided into squares and presented in a pretty chocolate box along with a card saying “Look out for more information soon”.

Sure enough, the following day the real thing arrived.

Kelloggs Fibre Plus

What we have is two varieties of cereal bar: “Smooth Milk Chocolate” and “Dark Chocolate & Almond”. Each bar is 28g and is mainly made from oats with a decent helping of chocolate – unlike some I could mention.

Each bar is substantial enough to be satisfying, chewy, oaty, and most importantly, chocolatey. You can’t really tell from the photo, but most of the base is solid chocolate.

Kelloggs Fibre Plus

Both varieties are chocolatey enough to be satisfying, and you can actually taste the difference between the milk and dark varieties. There’s no cocoa percentage listed on the packaging, but both bars contain over 20% chocolate by weight. That’s not bad for a ‘healthy’ cereal bar. My main issue with them was that they’re just a bit too moreish and had to eat four at once. Oh well.

For breakfast on the go or a tasty afternoon snack, they’re really pretty good. Just don’t chop them up and pretend they’re expensive chocolates. That would be silly.


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  1. wendy

    at just 116 kcla per bar I think that might be a wonderful mid-morning snack

  2. A fiber bar that tastes that good? Definitely worth a try.

  3. Trying to find these everywhere. None in my local Tesco or Asda, may have to lay on the floor and have a screaming paddy *g*

  4. susan

    would love to sample this product fibre plus.


  5. teddy

    this product is fab i have purchased in my local asda it was on special offer for £1 a packet of 4 but now it is £1.79 for 4 still worth it very satisfying i used to have a mars bar in my packing up for when I was hiking now I take the fibre plus bar less calories and less weight watcher points great.

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