Lindt Mini Eggs

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Lindt Mini Eggs

Easter is nearly upon us, and the first item to catch my eye on the shelves of my local Tesco was this little packet of mini eggs from Lindt. Once again, I fear I may have been led by pretty packaging over quality – or even quantity. Ah well.

Lindt Mini Eggs

What you see above is the entire contents of the 70g packet that cost me £1.99. That works out at 15.3p for each 5.3g egg in case you were wondering.

So not the greatest value perhaps, but still pretty to look at. Once insides the coloured foil though, things become a little more boring.

Lindt Mini Eggs

These are just solid milk chocolate eggs. No fancy sugar shells, no truffle fillings, just 30% cocoa solids milk chocolate.

Again, that wouldn’t be so bad, but the chocolate itself isn’t that great either. It’s sweet, slightly grainy and very ordinary. A step above the average supermarket own-brand Easter Egg perhaps, but not the kind of quality you’d expect from a name like Lindt.

So I’m at a bit of a loss who these are aimed at. It looks like they’re meant for children, but frankly, if I was a child I would rather spend £2 on a bigger bag of cheaper and sweeter Cadbury Mini Eggs with their pretty sugar shells than these. The Cadbury chocolate may be inferior, but they’re more pleasing to look at, have an interesting crunch and you get more for your money. In this case, you’re just paying for the name and a bit of shiny foil.

Definitely a case of paying a premium for an Easter-shaped product, I’m afraid.


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  1. angelaobscura

    i’d rather have mini eggs any days, and as, generally i’m not a cadburys fan, that’s saying something!

  2. Amy

    I don’t mind Lindt in moderation but I do mind being completely ripped off and the price you paid for that big bag with such a small amount of contents is just ridiculous! Bring on the Mini Eggs!

  3. I think this Lindt mini eggs isn’t that bad and the price is affordable I think.

  4. Sharon

    My Grandma always used to buy me a ‘quarter’ of these at Easter when I was younger.I loved getting that paper bag full of little eggs wrapped in coloured foil. They were the ones I looked forward to much more than the big eggs.
    You do seem to get less for your money now unfortunately, but the taste of Lindt chocolate is just as lovely.
    I realise I’m probably just being a bit nostalgic, but thirty years on, I still find myself buying a bag of these every year…..

  5. Chocolate is like red wine, there are so many different flavours from all around the world. I do love Lindt chocolate but there are many more interesting flavours out there. ie I bought some sea salt and caramel chocolate from and it was fantastic! So different to what you would expect.

    I also bought this:

    Its amazing! Lindt is great, but there are so many other amazing chocolates out there!

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