Kinnterton Cornetto & Magnum Chocolates

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Kinnterton Cornetto & Magnum Chocolates

This is something of a departure for me. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about any out-and-out confectionery, but these little guys intrigued me. I picked them up at Kennedy’s Chocolate Industry Network, a one day conference for the confectionery industry.

They’re tiny non-ice cream versions of Cornetto and Magnum, and they’re made by Kinnterton, a fairly large confectionery company. Other than licensing the names, ice cream makers Unilever have nothing to do with them.

I have to admit, I find the concept and packaging quite appealing. Unfortunately the cute wrappers are the best thing about these awful, vile tasting sweets. Let’s start with the Magnum.

Kinnterton Cornetto & Magnum Chocolates

A simple Magnum ice cream on a sunny day is still one of my guilty pleasures. It may be mass produced, but a Magnum ice cream feels like a quality indulgence.

This is not a Magnum ice cream. As you open the wrapper, you’re greeted by an, oily sweet smell. It’s apparently made from 38% Rainforest Alliance certified milk chocolate, which is great. Unfortunately, the gloop that takes the place of ice cream completely overpowers it. It has a vaguely chewy texture and tastes of sugar and milk that’s been left out too long.

Despite the small size, I couldn’t eat more than a small bite.

Kinnterton Cornetto & Magnum Chocolates

The Cornetto tastes better, and actually replicates the experience of opening a real Cornetto quite well. Although it doesn’t look much once it’s opened.

Kinnterton Cornetto & Magnum Chocolates

My issue with this one is more about the ingredients – and it should be noted you need a microscope to actually read them.

The very first ingredient on the list is palm oil. It’s closely followed by sugar and something called “chocolate flavoured coating”. That’s not something I want to eat, but unfortunately most of the parents that buy it and kids that eat it will never have a clue.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sweet confectionery. But these particular products seem to just be cashing in on a well known brand using cheap ingredients and lots of additives to give them a long shelf life. If you want a Magnum or Cornetto, go and buy the real thing, not these.


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