Divine Milk Chocolate Caramel

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Divine Caramel

Sometimes when I look through my chocolate collection for something new to review, something insanely sweet catches my eye and I know I just have to have it. I normally go for the dark & fruity stuff, but once in a while I just need a sugar hit. Today, these little 40g bars from Divine Chocolate jumped out at me when I was looking for my fix. I could not deny them their destiny.

It’s been a long time since I had any supermarket confectionery, so I wondered if I’d still be able to handle it.

Divine Caramel

The milk chocolate here of course comes from Divine’s partners in Ghana, Kuapa Kokoo. But unlike the solid milk chocolate bars from Divine, this little number only contains 26% cocoa solids. That’s barely more than Dairy Milk, and puts it firmly at the bottom end of our cocoa solids chart. Given that 35% of this bar is “caramel cream filling”, that means that’s actually less than 7g of cocoa products in this bar. That’s not very much.

Divine Caramel

As you might expect, it tastes almost entirely of sugar. The filling has an odd texture and a bit of a strange aftertaste, but it’s not all bad. In actual fact, in the midst of my sugar craving I had no trouble eating the entire bar. i just felt bad that I had done so.

If you’re really into sweet confectionery, you’ll probably enjoy this. It’s certainly a step up from a Twix or Mars Bar. But for my tastes, it’s just too sweet.

I’m not sure why Divine chose to use such a low cocoa content chocolate on a product that’s already packed with sugar. As a brand that’s working to increase people’s awareness of the ethical issues in the chocolate industry, I’d rather see them aim a bit higher with the quality of their ingredients.


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