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We’ve talked about Plush’s beautiful fair trade chocolates before, and bumped into them at the recent Speciality & Fine Food Fair recently. They promised to send us some “handbags” as soon as they were ready, and here they are.

There’s two varieties of chocolate here, both in similar cute, red, handbag style packaging inside each is a 70g bag of “petals” – basically chocolate discs with flower oils and freeze dried fruit.

First up, we have a 36% milk chocolate with freeze dried strawberry and geranium oil. As you can see, those pieces of strawberry embedded in the chocolate give the discs a bit of a haphazard look, which I quite like. They’re not designed to look perfect.

The chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the strawberries have a nice crunch to them. Leave them in your mouth for a few seconds, and that tangy, citrus yflavour builds rather nicely.

But the dominant flavour here is the geranium – tasting a little like rose, giving an overall flavour a little like Turkish delight. I guess it’s fitting that the flavour of the flower should be front and centre in a product called “petals”.

The white chocolate petals are made with freeze dried raspberry and rose oil and follow exactly the same format as the milk chocolate version. Except for being white. Obviously.

The flavour of the flower oil isn’t as evident here as it was with the milk chocolate petals – in fact, I could barely make it out at all. That may be deliberate, as the combination of sweet white chocolate and rose could end up a little sickly.

But thankfully, these aren’t too sweet. They weren’t really my thing as white chocolate doesn’t really do it for me, but they’re pleasant enough to nibble on. And the little flecks of pink showing through the white chocolate do make them look cute.

Being “handbags filled with petals”, these are obviously aimed at girls, and they’d probably make a great gift for a teenage girl in particular. They have the added bonus of being beautifully presented, and Fair Trade. Recommended.


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