Cadbury Chomp

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Cadbury Chomp

Ooooh, something from Cadbury that I haven’t tried before!

I’ve only ever seen Chomp in those Christmas variety packs that Cadbury like to push on children all over the country. And that’s exactly where this came from – part of an even bigger box of chocs that The Chocstress sent me.

Chomp is a very small bar. The wrapper doesn’t actually give the weight (presumably, being part of a bigger selection pack it doesn’t need to), but it’s actually 23g.

Of course, the question you’re all asking now is “What is Chomp!?”. Luckily, the answer is simple:

It’s a Curly Wurly without the Curly or the Wurly.

Cadbury Chomp

Take the thick, chewy caramel and milk chocolate from a Curly Wurly and squeeze it into a more conventional shape, and that’s Chomp. It’s very simple and very yummy. And despite coming in a tiny package, it’s actually just about the same weight as a modern Curly Wurly.

So, it’s nice. It’s chocolatey and chewy… but it just doesn’t appeal to me in the same way that Curly Wurly does. There’s something pointlessly, stupidly, childishly brilliant about the shape of a Curly Wurly. Chomp may have compactness on it’s side, but it’s just not the same.


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  1. I used to love Chomp’s when you could buy them on their own for 10p. A mainstay of all school kids of the 90’s me thinks. I agree, though, the extra 5p for a Curly Wurly was a much better choice.

  2. Oliver

    Yeah I remember chomps at school! With fruit salads, black jacks and the small milky ways (havent they gone up in price quite a bit, 18p now??)

  3. laura

    i haven’t had a chomp in years…curly wurlys will remain forever my favourite.

  4. Molly

    i agree with laura, curly wurlys are betta

  5. Steve

    I live in ireland, where chomp bars are readily available for 25 cent al my local corner shop, and curly wurly’s are like 50 🙁

    the only thing about the corner shop, is that she charges 95 cent(about 70 p) for a dairy milk!(plain!)

    and 98 for a regular kinder bueno!


    but still, chomp every day is something to be proud of 😛

  6. nicki

    Does anyone remember the orange flavor chomps?

    they were amazing!!

    I’m trying to see if you can still get them.

  7. Alan

    Wow youve never had a chomp before? You can buy them outside of the variety packs lol next to the Curly Wurly and Fudges etc. Ive never been that fond of Chomps or Curly Wurlys, I always preferred Fudges. I just wish they were bigger lol

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