Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Coconut Bar

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Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Coconut Bar

It’s time for more M&S fakery, and this time it’s the humble Bounty that’s the target.

Just like the Fake Mars Bar, this looks just like the bar its pretending to be. There’s no attempt to make it look even slightly original – even the ripple pattern on top is pretty much the same.

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Coconut Bar

Once you get inside this bar though, there is a difference that will be immediately apparent to hardcore Bounty fans. Rather than the crisp white coconut in a real Bounty, the filling here is dirty yellowish in colour and a little off-putting. I’m not entirely sure how they made coconut go yellow… and now that I think about it, I’m not sure I want to know either!

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Coconut Bar

The taste is a little different too. The coconut here is sweet and a little artificial tasting. The flavour is more like a liquorice allsort (sans-liquorice) than a Bounty. It’s not offensive, but one of the main reasons I like genuine Bounty on a summers day is because the coconut is refreshing, rather than overly sweet – and I just don’t get that here.

The milk chocolate coating is just average. There’s not much of it, and it tastes pretty much the same as the real thing. Hopefully if you’re buying a copy of a very ordinary chocolate bar, you’re not expecting to find fabulous chocolate anyway.

Once again, I have to wonder why M&S felt the need to produce this in the first place. I know they have an aversion to stocking anything but their own brands, but this is really taking it a little far. I’ve no objection to every day chocolates either, but surely it wouldn’t take that much more effort to come up with something original.


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  1. Morgan Rajan

    Coconut water will turn a yellow color due to oxidation and UV light over time. When the water is still inside the coconut and has not been exposed to the elements of earth it will be clear, and will stay clear for a time after it has been exposed. A yellow color is typical and does not affect the quality or flavor.

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