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As Dom mentioned, we’ve been given the whole Organic Seed & Bean bar range to review. This 37% cocoa milk chocolate bar is made with 77% Fairtrade ingredients, all of which are also organically produced.

At 37% cocoa it’s richer than your average milk chocolate, and using clementine oil rather than orange means that the citrus flavours are less aggressive and work better with the chocolate flavours. The wrapper describes the clementine oil as ‘delightful’ and the chocolate as ‘soothing and warming’. I’d prefer to describe the clementine as ‘bright’ or ‘vibrant’ – it’s noticeable the second this chocolate hits your palate, but it’s a lot softer and more subtle than other chocolate/orange combinations I have tasted. This means that the taste of the chocolate is never obliterated by the citrussy high notes – probably quite important if you’re making a more upmarket, organic chocolate bar.

As for the chocolate, it’s quite full flavoured, creamy and sweet. In short, everything milk chocolate lovers want really. After a week eating almost exclusively dark chocolate my first piece was a bit of a shock, but over the course of a couple of hours (and a few pieces) I realised just how far at the other end of the scale my palate had been working. It’s a well rounded product in which all the elements come together to give a very interesting whole.

I’ve had tangerine and clementine in chocolate before, and it’s become a personal preference. The flavours are much less brash than orange oil chocolate, and I prefer to have the citrus hovering delicately alongside the chocolate rather than taking it over. These bars cost a little more than say a supermarket’s own branded premium chocolate, but not so much that you may find yourself questioning making a purchase (especially when you consider that EVERYTHING in these bars is organic, and most of it Fairly Traded). ethical chocolate lovers should definitely check out Seed & Bean’s products.


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  1. I really like this brand. I wish I’d seen this flavor when I bought the poppy seed bar!

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