Carluccio’s Dark Chocolate Grissini

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These grissini (breadsticks) were a gift from my friend Judith of Mostly About Chocolate late last year, so I thought it was about time I got down to writing about them. We split the 400g box between us, and you can read Judith’s review here.

The breadsticks are about half a centimeter in diameter and roughly 20cm long with a rippled dark chocolate coating.

The chocolate in question is only 45% cocoa solids, so not particularly inspiring. It’s not offensive, it just doesn’t taste of much. The coating is also quite thin, as you can see in this photo.

The breadsticks are pale in appearance and have a very nice crunch to them. They’re savoury and slightly salty and reminded me of The Big Yum’s Chocolate Pretzels, although the pretzels had a little more flavour to them.

As a quick snack, they’re quite enjoyable and it’s very easy to scoff a significant number without noticing. But once you get past the pretty box, they’re not what I’d consider a quality chocolate product. Unfortunately, Carluccio’s charge £10 for this box, and at that price I just can’t recommend them. If you’re looking for a chocolate combined with a savoury, biscuity snack, The Big Yum’s pretzels may not have the sophisticated outward appearance, but they’re more interesting, better value and arguably better quality.


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