The Cake Nest Chocolate Cake

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The Cake Nest Chocolate Cake

If writing for Chocablog were a proper job, it would probably be the best job in the world. I mean… how many of you have a postman that brings you cake for breakfast with a friendly smile?

After seeing our cheap off the shelf Flake Cake that we celebrated our 4th birthday with, Abigail Phillips at The Cake Nest took pity and decided to bake us some proper cake. Awesome.

The Cake Nest Chocolate Cake

Thankfully, for the sake of my bathroom scales, Abi just sent a couple of slices of this chocolate cake, because it really is very good and if she’d sent any more I know I wouldn’t have been able to help myself.

Rather than being a light sponge, this is a denser, moister cake with two thick layers of dark chocolate icing. But rather than being heavy, that just makes this cake more satisfying. Combined with the rich dark chocolate flavours, it adds up to a slice of cake that leaves you happily full without being too sweet or sickly – something that was a definite problem with our Flake Cake.

Based on this small sample, I’d happily recommend you check out The Cake Nest if you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching and upmarket than the mass produced Cadbury cake I bought.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another slice to get through…


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  1. I am a chocolate expert and, even more so, a cakenest expert (Abigail is my older sister). Without any bias I can sincerely say Abi’s cakes (made using her own hen’s eggs – named Snap, Crackle and Pop) are just lovely and her birthday, wedding, Easter and Christmas cakes are a beautiful way to celebrate special days!

  2. Anne Marie

    Hi There!!

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  3. Amy

    The texture / density reminds me very much of Jamaican Ginger Cake…I would murder for a piece of that but they don’t have it over in the US!

    It looks a little heavy for a chocolate cake but I agree that it would only mean that I would be more satisfied with a smaller piece.

  4. Kladyelf

    woo…. *drool* looks nice, what are the pink bits in the icing?

  5. Perfect. I love it. Looks very delicious.

  6. Looks delicious…mouth watering 🙂

  7. anonynmous

    I bought the cake truffles from the cake nest a few month ago, and im sorry to say they were the worst confectionary ive ever had, the cake was so dry and flavourless, and something a child, or even myself could have made ( and made taste better ) advertised as ” delicious and moist ” they certainly were not an not worth the money, I contacted the team to complain and was only offered a 10% discount off next purchase, which was disgusting, why would I want to purchase again after that !!??? so unfortunately I lost out on my money, I would never recommened, and appauling customer service

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