Green & Black’s Sultana & Cinnamon Crunch Biscuits

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Green & Black's Sultana & Cinnamon Crunch Biscuits

Over the past year or so, Cadbury seem to have spent most of their time sticking Green & Black’s logos on just about everything they can find. A quick glance at their online store will give you some idea of the range of vaguely-chocolate-related products they’re putting their name to.

Yet despite suffering a case of Organic Overload, these biscuits caught my eye in Tesco. Inside the 125g box, there are eight biscuits, half ‘dipped’ in 40% milk chocolate.

Green & Black's Sultana & Cinnamon Crunch Biscuits

Now I’m not much of a biscuit/cookie person, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve had anything like this, but in terms of both taste and texture these reminded me of a chocolate hobnob biscuit.

There really aren’t that many sultanas per biscuit here – maybe one or two per biscuit, so I don’t think they add much more than a slight chewiness to an otherwise very crunchy biscuit. The cinnamon flavour is quite subtle too, only really coming through when the biscuit has gone – and annoyingly forcing you to have just one more every time…

There really isn’t a lot of chocolate either, and that’s unfortunate because it’s rather nice. But it’s also so thin that it tends to melt all over your fingers before you have a chance to stuff it into your mouth.

The net result of all this addictive cinnamoniness and melting chocolatiness is that the only way to eat these is quickly. This box disappeared in around 47 seconds.

In summary – I wish these had thicker chocolate and there were more of them, but they’re still a deliciously yummy way to spend 47 seconds.


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  1. Never been quite a fan of Green & Black’s chocolate though I have to admit that these chocolate biscuits look quite decent.

  2. Christine

    I hope we get these in Australia at some point. They sound pretty tasty to me!

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