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I spent last Saturday afternoon exploring a few of Chelsea’s chocolate shops with a friend, something I’d previously done on my Chocolate Ecstasy Tour in October, although we visited some different shops this time. We ended up in William Curley’s dessert bar where we enjoyed some amazing cakes, and picked up a couple of items to take home.

This was my choice, a soft chocolate caramel covered in dark chocolate.

At first glance, the packaging is beautiful, but my mou does look a little like it was wrapped by someone in a hurry. The box was a little wonky, and one of the two bars inside had been wrapped in such a fashion that the end was still sticking out. A minor issue, and one that I only really noticed because of the exceptional standards William sets.

The chocolates themselves look beautiful, much as you’d expect from anything with the William Curley name on it. They’re elegant and unfussy with a simple decoration of cocoa nibs on top.

The 70% dark chocolate (William exclusively uses Amedei) is quite thin, and reveals plenty of soft, smooth chocolate caramel underneath. While not liquid, the caramel was a little softer than I had expected, but that probably says more about my expectations than the product itself.

The level of sweetness is spot on, with the dark chocolate and caramel working together to produce something that’s far, far too easy to eat in a single mouthful.

The caramel doesn’t have a huge amount of flavour though, and I think I would have preferred something like a sea-salted caramel, just to give a bit more depth. But I can’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed this little box of goodness. I just wish it had lasted a bit longer.

These bars don’t seem to be available in William’s online store at the moment, so if you want one, you’ll have to head down to Belgravia or Richmond and pick one up in person.


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  1. I think William Curley’s Dessert Bar must be the most luxurious place in Chelsea! I have dreams about that place!

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