Duffy’s Nicaragua Chuno 70%

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Here’s a new addition to Red Star Chocolate’s range of bars – something made from Nicaraguan cacao beans by a man who certainly knows how to get the best out of his cacao.

I’ve had this bar for a little while now and every time I sat down and thought to myself “I’ll review this now” I just ended up having a couple of squares and losing myself in a chocolatey moment, which is in many ways testament to just how well Duffy makes chocolate. To date I cannot recall being anything other than surprised and delighted at the complexity and depth of Duffy’s efforts, and this bar is no exception.

The tasting notes on the back of the package promise “A complex mix of fresh hay, mellow red fruits and a roast chestnut aftertaste” and that’s pretty much what you’re going to get. With a total of four ingredients (one of which is soy lecithin and therefore doesn’t really enter into the flavour equation) this chocolate begins with a soft, slightly acidic ‘greeny’ note which then increases in depth as the richness of the cacao starts to come through. Those red berry notes are evident throughout, peaking before the chocolate is all melted and filling the mouth with luscious, rich, fruity cacao which does indeed finish with a chestnut sweetness.

I had this bar ‘on the go’ while I was reviewing other bars (notably a recent Lindt creation) and to even begin to compare this bar to anything made on an industrial scale would be almost impossible – as was returning to other chocolate after a taste of this! Regular readers will by now be quite accustomed to the phrase ‘too sweet’ in many reviews. Well, the good news is that this is another Duffy delight – perfectly balanced cacao flavours, great depth, beautiful long finish and just a hint of cane sugar sweetness to set things off, and like every one of his bars reviewed by us, it comes highly recommended.


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  1. Ron P.

    The other chocolate review sites mention a deep molasses character to Duffy’s Chuno. Did you notice any of that in your bar, Simon?

  2. Not as much as I have with other bars. The cane sugar lends it a darker, more earthy sweetness but it’s not what I would call ‘molasses’.

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