Paul A. Young Chocolate Frogs

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These little chocolate frogs from Paul A. Young got my attention when I was in his Soho shop over the weekend. There’s no exotic flavour combinations, they’re just fun little hand painted chocolate frogs. I picked them purely for the cuteness factor.

You get two frogs in a bag, one dark chocolate, one white chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries. They come in a choice of colours, but the flavours remain unchanged.

I wouldn’t normally go for a white chocolate, but this one is quite pleasant and the small pieces of raspberry do help to cut through the sweetness a little. The dark chocolate is very pleasant, but there’s no origin or cocoa percentage listed on the bag. To be honest though, with chocolate frogs that’s probably not important.

These are the kind of thing I’d buy as a simple gift for someone. A little less indulgent than the average Paul A. Young offering, but just as attractive. At £3.50 for two sizeable frogs they’re pretty good value for handmade & hand painted chocolate, although I do think the addition of a milk chocolate frog would help cover all tastes. Even as they are though, I’d certainly buy these as an eye-catching gift and a simple introduction to the world of fine chocolate.

There’s no online store to buy these from, but as is normally the case with Paul A. Young’s products, if you drop them an email via their website, they’ll be happy to arrange a delivery.


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