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Easter clam? Yes, Easter clam!

For some reason, Demarquette have gone for a marine theme for Easter this year. I know not why, but it does make an interesting alternative to the usual bunnies and eggs. There are a few concessions to tradition though, starting with this cute little Easter chick on the box.

Open the box and unwrap the tissue paper, and what you find inside is this rather beautiful looking milk chocolate shell. It has a nice amount of weight to it, and a nice glossy finish.

Inside, you’ll see why this is truly an Easter chocolate gift.

Twelve mini eggs, lightly stuck to the lower half of the shell so they don’t move around, and each handpainted in a different colour. Obviously designed to look like pearls in an oyster, the effect is both surprising and unique.

Each egg has a different filling, made with a a variety of fruit purees, caramels. The flavours include Devon Strawberry, Oxfordshire Plums, Somerset Apricot, Yorkshire Rhubarb, Scottish Raspberry and Cornish Sea Salt.

Some of them are a little sweet for my liking, but others are very moreish. I just wish there was a way of fitting more eggs inside a clam.

I really like chocolatiers who do something a little bit different, and this is certainly different from your average hollow egg, yet retains an Easter theme. At £25, it’s pretty good value for a handmade chocolate gift of this size too.

Demarquette’s range is available to buy online or in their Chelsea store.


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