Kellogg’s Red Nose Day Rice Krispie Squares

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Today’s our fifth birthday. We’ve spent the last five years writing delicious nonsense, and we’re looking forward to the next five! But we’re too busy celebrating to write a proper review, so here’s some Comic Relief Rice Krispie Squares instead.

We’ve already reviewed Kellogg’s Totally Chocolatey Rice Krispie Squares, and these are practically the same.

Kellogg’s, however, insisted we tell you that they have this limited edition Red Nose Day version out, with “edible red noses”. I said I’d be happy to write about them, but obviously… I’d need samples.

So yeah. This is what they look like.

And they taste exactly the same as the non-red-nose versions. They’re just as chocolatey and chewy as before. They’re a sweet and sticky snack rather than proper chocolate (or indeed a proper breakfast), but they’re still kind of tasty. The noses are apparently just coloured cereal balls. The only other difference is that 3p from every bar goes to Comic Relief, and Kellogg’s plan to raise £500,000 by selling them.

And that’s pretty much all there is to say about them. You’ll find them in all good supermarkets between now and Red Nose Day on March 18th.


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