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Somehow, we haven’t managed to review Galaxy here on Chocablog yet. We’ve done several of its variations (Galaxy Ripple, Galaxy Caramel, Galaxy Vanilla Heaven, Galaxy Minstrels), but not plain old Galaxy.

Well, Mars have recently changed the recipe and design for Galaxy, so it’s probably about time we checked it out.

The thing that sets Galaxy chocolate apart from its similarly priced competitiors has always been the creaminess of the chocolate. Well Mars have used this product refresh to make Galaxy even creamier and smoother. As you can see from the photo as well, they’ve also changed the shape of the chunks


Now Galaxy has always been one of those chocolates that I could take or leave. In very small doses, I love it – but as soon as I have more than a few chunks, that creaminess starts to turn to sickliness and I just feel ill.

This new bar is the same… except more so. The flavour and texture are noticeably creamier than before, but somehow that extra creaminess seems to be at the expense of chocolateyness. The result (for me, at least) is similar to eating a large bowl of sugary whipped cream – great for the first few mouthfuls, but it doesn’t take long before you start to feel very sick.

After 2 hours, I’ve managed to eat 3 chunks of this 6 chunk, 46g bar. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’m going to be able to manage the rest today.

Don’t get me wrong, Galaxy is far too nice to throw away, it’s just that I like my chocolate to taste of chocolate, not cream and sugar. If you’re the kind of person who liked the flavour and texture of the old Galaxy, I’m sure you’ll still like this. But for me, it’s just a bit too sweet and a bit too creamy.


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  1. FallenFairy

    Galaxy is DIVINE!
    I love love love the new stuff =)

  2. I have to say I totally agree with you. I too find Galaxy too sweet with very little taste of chocolate. I would never consider buying it. In one word – cloying.

  3. first time here, and I already love it! partly bcoz of my immense love for chocolate, and partly due to the beatiful chocolates featured here!!!:)

    wish I could eat some of them off here!

  4. LindtLover

    I also tasted it a few days ago.

    I was unimpressed, but that did not stop me from eating the whole bar within five minutes.

    Good review 🙂

  5. alice

    i think its less smooth than it was before and the new shape makes it feel like soap in the mouth……not a good move in my opinion

  6. Leigh

    I honestly think it tastes the exactly the same! It does look sexier though.

  7. I LOVE Galaxy! Although, it could be because I have to import the chocolate orgasmic heaven. Seeing that my taste buds must endure the chalky flavor of Hershey’s the Galaxy Ripple sent my taste buds into fits of overwhelming orgasmic shivers! I haven’t had a chance to taste or see the new packaging, but what I love about the chocolate is that it does take a while to eat. It’s more of a savoring chocolate than a gobble it all up sweet. Now that I have found this blog I think I’m in heaven all over again!

  8. nermine

    galaxy flute is the best

  9. tamzin

    Are you some kind of light weight?? I can wolf down a whole galaxy in a matter of seconds.

  10. jamie

    i love it its the best in the world exelent

  11. jamie

    amazing there is so meny delicios flavors and shapes they all taste delisios my absalout favoritev amazing


    OMG IS SO PENG!!!!!

  13. i.g

    i dissagree. i could eat a whole bar in one second its like heaven !!

  14. chelley

    i’m dying for galaxy! 😉

  15. Amy-lee Hedley


    i have a nut allergy and was wondering if you could let me know, which of your products are safe for me to eat!?!?

    thanks, Amy-lee Hedley

  16. Sarah

    I do not know what your talking about….I LOVE GALAXY CHOCOLATE! I have loved it since the age of well… long as I can remember!
    it is soft smooth and tastes heavanly 🙂 xx

  17. sarah

    :O How can you NOT like this smooth lovely chocolate i have been eating it for years and love the new ones, but the shape i think it saves them more money cause there putting less in the chocolate bars they may aswell just give you olny half of one because there is olny half of a bit oh well, and its not as good as it was before they should change it back. good review thow. =DD xx

  18. Marika

    I think Galaxy with hazelnuts tastes the best. Its not too sweet like some chocolates,making impossible to eat them. It doesn’t contain vegetable fat, which ruins the taste and I think that cheating if its added.Where is the real cocoa fat? Especially Cadbury doesnt taste real at all.
    Galaxy hazelnuts is the only one made in Poland maybe thats the reason its so good. In England everything has to much sugar 🙁

  19. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Sorry Marika, but Galaxy definitely contains vegetable fat.

  20. Colin

    I agree pretty much wholeheartedly with your review of the new Galaxy taste. Tastes stronger than before, which is not a good thing. Much too sweet and sickly. Did you know about Galaxy Counters in a bag from the late sixties and early seventies? The round and flat choc sweets that were in Revels all the time. Well there out again, in ther own bag. But disappointment, it’s the new taste, what else, aaahhhh!

  21. Jackie Millen

    Where can I buy a Galaxy Flute??



  23. jaseem


  24. Scarlettangel

    It is good but can be improved if the sugar and milk solids are reduced and chocolate is increased..
    i dont like it that much just because of its EXTRA sweetness….
    Looking forward for its further improvement!!

  25. SarahLund

    Chemical-flavoured chocolate, plus way too sugary *Gag*

    If I’m not mistaken, when I was a teenager, in the 90’s, Galaxy tasted way milkier, and more chocolately than now. Actually, I remember how it used to taste. Back then, it tasted of actual chocolate. Why on earth, have they stripped that classic flavour, for a new flavour, that makes you almost want to gag, as it’s way too sweet? Hmmmm. I don’t even wanna know, to be fair. Given how sweet it tastes. Anyone who hasn’t had a Galaxy chocolate bar since the 90’s, you’ve been warned. lol. Don’t expect the nice tasting chocolate that it once was. It now tastes like it was made at a chemical plant. I won’t be eating this modified rubbish ever again. A waste of a childhood memory. lol.

  26. I remember eating Galaxy chocolate in the 1970s when it was made with full cream milk and it was solid with good natural things. Since the 1990s the taste has completely changed. It is now made with skimmed milk powder and the chunks of the bar have changed – Yuk

  27. Justin

    3 bars is all you could eat!!! I just polished off a 110g gram bar in 5 minutes and I am craving for more.
    I’ve never felt sick from rich or sickly chocolate, so I suppose I’m just super lucky.

  28. Carl Lhumaint

    A pinch of that stuff inside was enough to taste its cloying smoothness and that’s all.
    I put it aside and am waiting for that saucy cream to escape and melt away.
    Maybe I will find chocolate at last but I am desperate
    Sorry, I am not vegan. Never again

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