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I decided to do a little experiment when I bought myself a Cadbury Double Decker. I bought three of them and having a little wager with myself that I knew what the response would be, I gave a bar to each of two friends of mine. Both duly responding by announcing; “Ohh! I haven’t had one of these in ages.”

I won the bet.

Double Deckers are one of those bars. We kind of ignore them when we choose our chocolate. But, when it actually occurs to us to buy one, we can’t understand why we left it so long. We binge on them for a couple of weeks and then leave them once again, to be ignored on the Sweet Shop shelf.

I guess the name is so apt in more ways than one. Just like the proverbial (double decker) bus; you wait for ages and none appear, then numerous ones arrive all at once.

The lower deck of this bar is crispy crunchy cereal and the upper deck is a chewy nougatine; all wrapped in milk chocolate.

It’s a mighty filling bar and not one you could eat if you are trying to have a conversation at the same time. If the phone rings while you have a mouthful of Double Decker there is little chance that the caller will still be there by the time you have finished chewing. A return call usually prompts a friend informing you that they just called a wrong number and heard nothing but muffled yumming noises.

The two things that make this bar so scrummy are 1. the cereal is indeed very crispy and 2. the nougatine has the perfect level of chewyness. Added with the smoothness of the chocolate, this bar has it all.

I wouldn’t recommend chilling a Double Decker, it would just become TOO chewy.


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  1. Oh, your comment about not chilling it has made me ponder on the idea of what it would be like if slightly heated, so that the nougat melts goes soft…

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Oooh, I sense another “deep fried” experiment coming on!

  3. Pewari (Chocablog Staff)

    Ohh! I haven’t had one of these in ages!!!

    (and Dom …. no)

  4. I gave in and bought one yesterday, but no melting or deep frying took place you’ll be glad to know!

  5. Miss L

    Can you provide the chocolate smell too please? I am trying to lose weight and your photos are keeping me going on my chocolate highs, but I need that heady perfume too!!

  6. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    Iccleanne – I think we should both go out and buy another and try your great idea of melting it slightly.
    (We are still trying to convince Pewari to deep fry one)

    Miss L – the smell of chocolate….mmmmm 🙂

  7. M2K

    For some reason, ‘muffled yumming noises’ sent me into a fit of helpless giggles. I should probably go to bed now.

    I wonder if there’s any chance of a Crunchie bar review? *continues skimming the archives*

  8. Poppet

    But what ever happened to the raisins?

    Shock, horror!

    So confident was I that Double Deckers contained at least 3 or 4 rasins I was willing to bet 50 quid with my partner that they do, I know this for sure as this is the nicest thing about a DD. My partner claims these bars are his favourite but how can that be? he hates raisins.
    Off I went and bought a couple so as to prove this to him & call in the cash!

    Oh My!!!! ‘I really haven’t had one of these in ages’ YES they removed the rasins in 1986.

    • Goatboy

      THANK YOU!

      I KNEW they used to have fruit in ’em!
      I think in todays world of SUPER-fat kids,
      they’d be trying to put MORE fruit into chocky bars?


  9. Richard

    I was trying to work out why I find these so goddam addictive…then I found out the truth…

    They are flavoured with a hint of coffee.

  10. I have to disagree with the chilled comment. Left in the fridge for a couple of hours a double decker becomes a delightful indulgence to be slowly savoured.

  11. Tom and Joe

    Dom .. you are the main man .

    I and tom both agree that this bar would be the dogs bollocks to eat when deep fried and sprinkled with a slight hint of cinamon .
    We also believe that the double decker leaves you feeling full of flavour and ready for a good ol’ session with the biatch 😉

    Peace out :D:D

  12. scott

    did double deckers once contain raisins ? i am sure i remember they did years ago

  13. Lisa

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what has happened to the double decker with nuts? Once my favourite bar then next minute *poof* GONE! *sob sob* heeeeeeelp? Thank you please x

  14. Scott Matthews

    What a great site this is…….We were having a conversation at work about Double Deckers and containing Raisins, I said they did and colleagues said they didnt!!!
    Thankyou so much to ‘Poppet’ and their response on June 26th 07 at 11.10 as it answered my query spot on!!!!

  15. A

    I’m from Canada and picked one of these up in a candy shop.. MY GOD IS IT EVER GOOD!

    has a hint of coffee in it, delicious!

  16. grumblemore

    Raisins? yes they damn well did. I purchased themwhen they were originally issued back in the day and remember pulling the raisins out cos I hate them…Where have they gone since??

  17. chris

    i absolutely love double deckers, they came out in the year i was born, and have almost always been my favourite chocolate bar – although obviously i’ve eaten dozens of other chocolate bars too.

    what an excellent subject for blogging!

  18. Kirk

    What a pefect summurisation of a Double Decker. Well done sir!

  19. Jo

    Wow, just had one of these after reading this. Forgotten how great they are!

  20. Paul

    I agree Jo they’re great particularly combined with a coke for full sugar goodness 🙂

    Check out the 80’s ad

  21. Ben

    Vending machines tend to make them too cold so you have to leave them in your pocket to get them to the right comment

  22. i loved the bar for like 4 weeks and i got in the shop every day and as you explained you tend to leave i have moved on to kinder buenos and yorkie raisin and biscuit the double deckers just like the moro you leave it after a while

  23. Andy

    I really can;t stand these since they took the raisins out.

    They’re somehow too sickly now where the raisins used to break up the sweetness a bit.

    Cadbury — sort yourselves out and give us our raisins back.

    – ex-double-decker lover

  24. David

    I don’t miss the raisins, as I never had a Double Decker before 1994. But I can sense, now—sitting here with one beside me—that it would be good with a few.

    As a Yank, I first discovered Double Decker during a study-abroad session in my university days. I’ve missed them ever since, but recently found a few import shops that carry them most of the time. (Has Cadbury ever sold Double Decker here as a locally produced item? I don’t think so, but…)

    Everyone I’ve shared a Double Decker with ends up loving it. It’s just the perfect combination—and no, it wouldn’t be better fried.

  25. Robin MacNeill

    Did they used to be bigger? I have a colleague who is trying to tell me that they shrunk them for a while but have since returned them to there former glory (like they did with Monster Munch). Can anyone confirm of deny this rumour. I need to know!

  26. gary

    I love double deckers its my favorate choccy bar on the marked , i like to pet them in the freezer and eat them frozen with a hot cuppa lovely .

  27. billy

    well you guys have an interesting life…

  28. billy again

    hi guys

  29. john

    billy your a legend

  30. double decker dudes

    oh man dis is safe init i jus want ta shov in ma gob init. i mite try deep fryin it like u sed safe boys -1-

  31. livingdaylights

    I looked this up whilst eating my very own bar of Double Decker I personally had delivered from the UK. I assure any reader… munch munch… that it was divine… chomp chomp!

    Would anyone agree that it’s heartless and cruel that won’t deliver Cadburys overseas!!??☆%#$*!! I live in Japan and Cadburys in Japan are imported from Australia or thereabouts and the fact that they taste totally different leaves me gutless and disheartened (my theory is the milk in it)! This means I don’t think I’ll be able to eat another Double Decker for a very long time… ゚。・゚ヾ(゚`ェ´゚)ノ。゚・。

  32. bob

    yay !!! double decker !! 🙂

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