Smarties Mini Eggs Easter Egg

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Smarties Mini Eggs Easter Egg

It’s Easter egg time again! This time we’ve got something a little cheaper than the Hotel Chocolat offerings we reviewed last week. And you can tell from a single look at the packaging that this egg is aimed at a completely different market. As you can see, everything about this egg shouts “Look at me!”. It’s quite obviously aimed at kids.

Smarties Mini Eggs Easter Egg

Inside the basic cardboard box is a milk chocolate egg, wrapped in thin blue foil. The chocolate is fairly standard Nestlé milk chocolate. It’s very sweet and tastes more of sugar than it does of cocoa… but at least it tastes of something, which is more than I can say for some Easter eggs I’ve had in the past. You could certainly do a lot worse.

Of course any kid (or adult chocolate reviewer) who receives this egg is really interested in the small bag Smarties mini eggs inside…

Smarties Mini Eggs Easter Egg

These are exactly what you’d expect them to be. They’re egg shaped Smarties. And for that reason alone, they rock.

There is something about Smarties that sets them apart from other similarly shaped chocolates. The chocolate is basic, and there’s not enough of it to get a decent idea of taste. The magic is in the shell. The bright colours and very subtle flavour make smarties deliciously moreish. And these mini eggs taste exactly like regular Smarties.

Needless to say, I ate them within 10 minutes – while I still have most of the chocolate shell over a week after purchasing it. But I still feel this egg was much better value than the Green & Black’s egg I reviewed last week. They are similarly priced, and the G&B egg obviously has better quality chocolate. But somehow this is just more fun – and that’s what an Easter egg should be.


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  1. Hiya, me and my partner ate a bag of just the Smarties mini eggs the other day, and we thought they were fab, apart from the red ones – the shell had a bitter vegetable taste, which was pretty unpleasant. I suppose we shouldn’t have eaten them all (so they couldn’t have been that bad – the chocolate inside was fine) but I complained to Nestle and they didn’t give any explanation… I just wondered what made the red ones taste like that and if anyone else had found them unpleasant too…

    Kind regards

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