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Time for some more Valentine’s chocolates! Chococo sent us this 200g milk chocolate heart with freeze dried raspberry, meringue pieces. It measures a healthy 18cm across and comes wrapped in cellophane, tied with a simple red ribbon. It looks great, but it’s not easy to photograph, hence my heart being completely naked here.

The heart is decorated with white chocolate sploges and dark chocolate piping, and as you can see, the decoration is deliberately haphazard, with large areas of freeze dried raspberry showing through the chocolate in places.

Like most of Chococo’s products, the chocolate is sourced from the über-ethical Grenada Chocolate Company. If your sweetheart is into ethical and sustainable food production or simply supporting a small British chocolatier, then it’s definitely worth considering this as a Valentine’s gift.

It’s a healthy 44% cocoa solids, and it’s pretty tasty, so while I can’t guarantee that eating a 200g milk chocolate heart will be good for you, it will certainly make you feel good.

The raspberry and meringue give a lovely biscuity crunchy texture to the chocolate, and the random distribution of flavours means that every mouthful is slightly different. It’s very difficult to put down once you start eating it.

So while this doesn’t have the impact of zChocolat’s £100 box of Valentine’s chocolates or the amazing flavour combinations of Matcha’s Valentine’s Selection, it does have the quality and visual impact that would make a great gift for a real milk chocolate lover.


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  1. Oh this looks delicious!

  2. Amber

    Sounds good, but the freeze dried raspberry sounds a little offputting to me…

    • Dom (Chocablog Staff)

      Freeze dried raspberries and strawberries are amazing! The texture is a bit strange at first, but they’re packed with natural flavour that erupts in your mouth as soon as they moisten. Love them.

  3. Kit

    Thanks for featuring Chococo – turned out to be the perfect source of a birthday present to have sent to my Mum in Somerset – I’m hoping she’ll love them as much as I would if I lived in the UK still and could get my hands on them!

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