Divine White Chocolate & Strawberry Hearts

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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, which means vast arrays of pink, heart shaped products from all the big chocolate companies. Divine sent us these white chocolate hearts with strawberry pieces to review, but they also do 70% dark chocolate and milk chocolate hearts.

Being Divine, the cocoa butter and sugar are of course, Fairtrade (Kuapa Kokoo, the Fairtrade Certified Cocoa Farmers Co-operative owns 45% of Divine). In total, 71% of the ingredients are certified themselves.

The hearts themselves are simple affairs. Just a couple of centimetres across and wrapped in silver foil.

The hearts themselves are equally simple. White chocolate with flecks of pink from the strawberry pieces inside.

I was expecting the strawberry pieces to be simple freeze-dried fruit, but they’re actually “strawberry crisp”, made with strawberries, sugar and starch. I’m sure there’s a good reason for this, and they do melt in the mouth better than simple pieces of fruit, but they do make a sweet chocolate even sweeter.

But they are quite tasty, and small enough that they’re never too sweet (as long as you don’t eat the whole box in one go). I’m not a white chocolate kind of person, but still found these very enjoyable. That little hint of strawberry flavour makes all the difference.

Despite the fact that they’re aimed at those with a sweeter tooth than me, I’d still be quite happy to receive them as a gift. Not that I ever get Valentine’s gifts myself…


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  1. Jen

    I thought you weren’t reviewing Divine chocolate anymore??

  2. Kit

    I’m not a white chocolate fan either. I wonder what these would be like in the dark chocolate version?

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