Gorvett & Stone Rum & Raisin Truffles

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Time for another little box of chocolates from Henley’s Gorvett & Stone. This time we have a box of twelve 40% milk chocolates with a rum and raisin ganache made from 70% dark chocolate.

As with Gorvett & Stone’s other creations, Valrhona chocolate is used throughout, but what sets this apart from other rum and raisin flavour chocolates you may have had is that it’s made with real rum and real raisins.

There’s a thin dusting of cocoa powder covering the chocolates, which means that the first flavour you get is that of an intense dark chocolates. That very quickly gives way to the smooth milk chocolate, which slowly intensifies as the rum and raisin flavours develop.

You get a complete range of flavours along the way, with all the key ingredients being easily discernable, including the fresh cream used in the ganache.

Occasionally you’ll find a piece of raisin, which gives a fruity edge to proceedings, but overall this is a delicate and subtlety flavoured chocolate. None of the flavours are overpowering, and you get to experience the flavour of the rum, rather than being hit with alcohol, as is so often the case with cheap rum & raisin chocolates.

Gorvett & Stone is one of those chocolatiers that you can’t go wrong with and this is another winner. It’s just a shame I don’t have any left to share…


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  1. Rum truffles are divine. Mint julep truffles are equally as tasty.

  2. Rum and Raisin…. a deadly little combo!

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