Cocoa Deli & Lily O’Briens Cookies & Cream Beligian Milk Chocolate Lolly Truffle

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I’d already passed the chocolate aisle in the Co-op when I came across a small display of chocolate, standing pitifully alone. Being a big softie and feeling it’s my duty to care for any stranded chocolate bar I adopted two.

Looking irresistible with doleful eyes was Cocoa Deli & Lily O’Briens deli wrapped.jpg Mixed Berry Crunch White Chocolate Lolly Truffle, and begging for a cosy evening in front of the fire was Cocoa Deli & Lily O’Briens Cookies & Cream Belgian Milk Chocolate Lolly Truffle.

Today, I shall be reporting on the Cookies and Cream Lolly Truffle.

The first appeal was the promises; cookies and cream? Yum! Belgian Chocolate? Yes please! Lolly? Ok…?

Wrapper description – Delicious layers of vanilla flavour and milk chocolate truffle with crunchy cocoa biscuits and cocoa nibs in smooth Belgian milk chocolate.

deli cut.jpg

The first bite is good; A well balanced mix of textures and tastes. You can taste each and every ingredient and all work well together. By the second bite I found myself doubting the milk chocolate covering. There is a lot of milk chocolate and so you can’t escape it, so, by the third bite I was wishing I could escape it. By the end of the lolly I was still cheering the filling, especially the crunchy biscuits (it just wouldn’t work without these) but as for the Belgian chocolate..I couldn’t help but think of that cheap and nasty chocolate kiddies get in advent calendars.

This product would probably work best as a bite size chocolate in a box. I’d be happy having eaten one but would certainly select a different chocolate afterwards to counterbalance the sickliness.

deli lolly.jpgIt was a novel experience eating a chocolate bar on a stick. I was  pleased to note that the stick was plastic and not wood. I really hate that wood taste you can get on your tongue after enjoying an ice lolly.

Waiting patiently is the Mixed Berry Crunch White Chocolate Lolly Truffle. I’ll let you know how we get on later.


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