James Chocolates Caramel & Vanilla Easter Egg

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This is the first of a handful of eggs I received from James Chocolates. It’s one of their 60g eggs, which means two things – it’s not going to last you a week, and it won’t cost an absolute fortune. Personally I find both of these attributes quite desirable, or rather I don’t like the idea of some enormous overpriced Easter Egg that hangs around for days.

As you can see, this egg is made with milk chocolate with ground vanilla and a hint of sea salt. What caramel there is sits in a pool of white chocolate on one face of the hollow egg. As it transpires, the milk chocolate itself also contains caramel, and my first bite reminded me vaguely of an old ’70s favourite – Caramac. I do have to say that in reality this is something of an unfair comparison, given that Caramac was a slightly dangerous looking yellowy confection which had little or nothing to do with the venerable Cacao bean. It was quite a job getting the egg to pose for this picture, but a lot easier once it was ready to eat…

This egg is sweet & creamy with a definite kick of vanilla. The sea salt is perhaps a little more sporadic than I would have liked, with the occasional flake popping up from time to time. The caramel pieces at the front of the egg become an option – break off a bit off the front part if you fancy a caramel & white chocolate bite instead of a vanilla & milk chocolate mouthful.

This egg isn’t as sugary as some of James’ other creations, and while I would have liked a little more salt (and a bit less sugar) I think this would appeal to all ages. Given that it’s a smaller sized egg (and therefore not hugely expensive) I can see it being a good alternative to similar offerings from better known companies.


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  1. This website is sooo cool and helpful!!! OMG!! thanks

  2. This egg looks so delicious! Must. have. chocolate. eggs. I have spotted some eggs here at our local supermarket called ‘huevitos’ and they are little mexican chocolate eggs. The next time I am there i will take a picture and send it to you. Darling!

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