Kshocolât Mini Cube Gift Set

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Kshocolât Mini Cube Gift Set

After this set made its way home with me, I realized it had a familiar name, being none other than the trice-reviewed, twiceaccused brand. That was enough to make me a little edgy as I started opening the black boxes.

The Milk Chocolate Honeycomb was first up as the one I was most curious about. Turns out, it’s cinder toffee, not honeycomb. Yeah, I guess real honeycomb’s not the best thing to be munching on. They could’ve added honey in, though. Whatever is or isn’t added, however, I like them. The toffee tastes like caramel and cotton candy, caressed by a flavorful 30% milk chocolate.

Kshocolât Mini Cube Gift Set

The Milk Chocolate Black Currants are a nice change from the usual cherries and cranberries, fruity and sweet with only the smallest tartness. I wonder how they’d be in a dark chocolate.

Next up, the Milk Chocolate Toffettes are very, very small. The only comparable thing I can think of is M&M Minis, but these are even smaller. Don’t take their size for granted, though, as they pack in a lot of sweetness and a slight buttery flavor. They also tend to disappearing.

The Dark Chocolate Mintettes are “natural mint fondant encased in a rich [50%] dark chocolate.” They’re not too great. The mint flavor is boring and bland, and the chocolate is too gooey-tasting to over please. I think I like Godiva’s version of the same format better, though it’s been a while.

Lastly are the Cocoa Dusted Coffee Beans, made with Costa Rican Peaberry coffee beans. The milk chocolate is a low 20%, but it’s very think, which is good when you’re dealing with whole coffee beans. I also very much like that it’s milk chocolate, as that helps tone down the overall taste.

They’re all nice offerings, the Mintettes excepted. But I found them in a sale pile and the normal price is $12. That’s $2.40 for each 35 gram box. That’s too much even for a gift.

I have to agree with what’s been said before: the quantity is low and the quality isn’t high enough to make up for it.


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  1. I saw these at a gourmet shop a few weeks ago and was tempted … mostly because the individual boxes were on sale.

    It was the honeycomb that caught my eye … now I won’t bother.

  2. Um, they kind of remind me of the kangaroo and wallaby droppings we saw on our last holiday!

  3. Kath: That’s true, but that seems to always be the case with anything chocolate-covered. 😉

  4. Christian

    ‘Honeycomb’ is a British name for cinder toffee, because of the air bubbles inside. It is kind of a confusing name, admittedly. Though I think this company was Scottish, where it’s actually known as ‘hokey pokey’!

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