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I met the ladies from Pour Toi at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia last week (photos of that on our Facebook page). I love meeting new people in the chocolate industry, and I especially love it when their products are as beautiful as these. I was offered a box of dark chocolates and a big chocolate chip cookie to try. How could I refuse?

It’s clear from the outset that this is a quality product. The packaging is simple but elegant, with lusterous, copper-coloured diagrams of cocoa pods on a matt background. The only branding is on the band that holds the box closed – a great feature in itself as it means you can re-use the box after you’ve finished scoffing the chocolates.

My photos don’t really do these chocolates justice, because they are beautifully finished. They’re glossy and perfectly moulded, without a blemish. The “Lego brick” style chocolate, particularly impressed me, given my own efforts at making chocolate Lego in the past!

The chocolates consist of a 53.5% dark chocolate shell with a variety of fillings, including pralines, whisky and a very tangy passion fruit puree. They all taste nice and fresh, but if I had one minor niggle it would be that the centres are just slightly too firm.

The chocolate itself is quite reasonable. It clearly doesn’t have the highest cocoa content out there, but it’s a good compromise between sweetness and chocolateyness. All in all, the chocolates don’t have the amazing flavours and freshness of the last selection box I reviewed from Cocoa Mountain, but they’re still pretty good.

Which brings me to the cookie. Unfortunately, I broke the one I brought home, so you’ll have to make do with a slightly blurry photo of one I took at the show.

These are large, crumbly chocolate chip cookies that perfectly tread the line between crunchy and soft. That cracked outside has a gentle crunch to it, while the inside remains slightly moist, rather than chewy. They’re very light for a cookie, and the main thing that prevents them falling apart in your hand is the generous handful of chocolate chips in each one.

There’s a hint of orange and a hint of spice in the flavour, but the chocolate comes through front and centre. I really enjoyed mine, and I’ll definitely be looking out for these in the future. Yum.

Pour Toi don’t have an online shop yet, but they do have contact details on their web site. I’d recommend dropping them an email to find out where you can get hold their stuff – and tell them we sent you! (We’re hoping they’ll give us another cookie!)


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  1. These cookies look delicious

  2. I love the lego shaped chocolate!
    They all look really smooth and high quality!

    I’ve seen the lego mould but never got one.

  3. Congratulations on making one of the top food blogs!


  4. Alan

    They look amazing! Hope you have lots of success with it!

  5. I love looking at these chocolate. they look like precious jewels in a box.

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