Gü Naughties Rocky Road

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Gü Naughties Rocky Road

I’ve been eating products of one sort or another for a while, but for some reason it hasn’t occurred to me to write anything about them until now. Dom wasn’t too pleased with his Gü chocolate experience, but I’ve only ever eaten their mousses and desserts, until now.

These new ‘Naughties’ come in a variety of flavours, but I picked out the Rocky Road tub as my first. The ‘Naughties’ branding had me thinking about the Filthy Food Company and their fresh cream bites (currently languishing in the ‘where are they now?’ archive, products no longer on sale in Sainsbury’s, website abandoned). Luckily for Gü there isn’t the ridiculous ‘ooh Matron’ style innuendo and sauciness that accompanied the Filthy products (although I’m not sure I’d want to ‘Get naughty on the road’ – isn’t that encouraging careless driving?).

So what do we get in the tub? Sixteen chunky little Rocky Road bites formed from caramel, cherries, raisins. marshmallows and biscuits, wrapped in a 36% cocoa milk chocolate. The chocolate coating is fairly generous, but with all of that caramel and marshmalllow in there these were always going to be very sweet, and sure enough they have a whopping sugar content. The structure of the Rocky Road bites is quite remarkable. They obviously survive shipping and being carried home just fine, but as soon as you bite into one it’s all over as they start to break up. Quite a feat to produce something that’s so structurally sound up until you bite into it.

There’s definitely chocolate there, and when you catch a taste of it it is quite rich, smooth and verging on the darker side of milk, but with all of the other sugary, sticky, fruity stuff that’s been crammed into each piece these are not for people who wish to enjoy the flavours of good chocolate. I found myself agreeing with Dom’s assessment of the Caramel chocolates – way too much sugar which just seems to obliterate a lot of potentially interesting flavour combinations. However, as a sweet office treat in the afternoon (with a cup of tea at around 4pm to provide a sugar rush and defeat the mid-afternoon slump perhaps?) or something to nibble in front of the telly, these probably fit the bill rather well. I’m sure the majority of kids would really go for these as well, so rather than getting ‘naughty’ on the road these might well serve to pacify child passengers – at least until the sugar rush hits them and they have to be strapped in tightly!

Too sweet for my tastes if I’m honest, but the ever-expanding range of Gü desserts does seem to have something for everyone, and I shall certainly be looking more closely at more of their products in the near fütüre.


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