Co-Op Fairtrade Dark Chocolate With Spices & Orange Oil

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Here in the UK the Co-Op has always been at the forefront of the Fairtrade movement, and nowadays it sells more Fairtrade chocolate than all of the other supermarkets put together. For over five years the Co-Op has been working with cocoa farmers at the Kuaka Kapoo co-operative in Ghana, and this bar has been produced to celebrate that anniversary.

At 51% cocoa, it’s a little less ‘dark’ than one might imagine, but it still manages to deliver a satisfyingly rich cocoa flavour. The addition of cinnamon, ginger and cardomom (fairly traded, naturally) and a little orange oil means that almost as soon as it starts to melt, this bar delivers a very pleasing citrus and spice taste. One could almost describe it as ‘Christmassy’.

It’s not entirely dissimilar to Green & Black’s Maya Gold in both content and flavours, although I would suggest that this bar is a little softer in the mouth and has a little more orange taste than the G&B version. It’s also slightly lower in cocoa solids, and consequently a little milder. The Ghanain beans work very well with the mixture of citrus and spice, making this bar all too moreish.

If you have a Co-Op near you, it’s well worth checking out, primarily because it’s rather tasty, but also because when you buy this you know your money is going to the people who grew the beans, not to some huge multinational – and that can never be a bad thing, can it?


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  1. Sam

    You should try the 85% cocoa bar we have.

  2. Sounds good. How is it priced compared to G&Bs? Is it available internationally?

  3. Sam

    It is £1.29 for both 100g bars.

    It’s not available internationally.

  4. I’ve been eating and baking my way through Co-ops Fairtrade chocolate selection and I’m a fan of it!

  5. I am very pleased that there is ongoing development of, and interest in, fairtrade chocolate. Here in Australia we are starting to see more of it stocked on supermarket shelves which is great. I really like the Cocolo brand – it is a premium Swiss, fairtrade chocolate and is certified by the leading organic certifier in Switzerland as well as being GMO free.

  6. river

    So this would be a good one to chop up and stir into the christmas cake mixture?

  7. Have not tried it but am sure it would be delicious!

  8. Maggie

    Sounds good. I’m a huge fan of G&B’s Maya Gold, so I guess this one would be my kinda thing. Will try as soon as I get the chance.

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