Chococo Milk Chocolate Honeycombe Heart

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Chococo Milk Chocolate Honeycombe Heart

Our second Valentines offering from Chococo this year falls squarely into the “almost too pretty to eat” category. With the emphasis on “almost”, of course. A 225g solid milk chocolate heart, studded with chunks of honeycombe and dusted with edible gold.

Although not as big as Hotel Chocolat’s giant hearts, this one has much more of a handmade feel. Presented in a simple cellophane wrapper, there’s nothing fancy in the packaging – this is all about the chocolate.

Chococo Milk Chocolate Honeycombe Heart

The milk chocolate is a rich 41% Venezuelan, and the honeycombe is made from real Dorset honey.

It tastes just how you’d expect. Like a really high quality Cadbury Crunchie. Except of course you get more of that gorgeous smooth milk chocolate, and less of the honeycombe. One of the things I like best about this is that the placement of the chunks is random, so each mouthful is slightly different. Occasionally you’ll just get that wonderful chocolate, and sometimes you get a mouth full of crunch instead.

The other thing I like about it is that at 1cm thick, it’s easy enough to break of small chunks to nibble on. With the Hotel Chocolat hearts, you need a full set of industrial power tools to break off even a bitesize chunk. And at under half the size, it’s not quite as overwhelming to look at either.

If you’re going for all out shock and awe this Valentines Day, then you probably want to go for one of the Hotel Chocolat offerings. This is a little more of a restrained, thoughtful and stylish gift, and I’m told that some women appreciate that.

(I wouldn’t know.)


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  1. Amy

    LOL Dom, I’d take thin and easily breakable over trying to bite in to something that resembles a Toblerone…you know, how those pyramids always end up going up your nose? I’ve been looking for a nice milk chocolate today too, I’ll have to look up Chococo they sound like a pretty choco-loving couple!

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