Rococo Basil & Persian Lime

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Time for more of Rococo’s beautiful new packaging, inspired by the Moorish tiles in their “secret” Moroccan garden in Motcomb Street. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the flavours come from there too, although I’m not entirely sure that limes grow naturally in Belgravia.

There are many wonderful flavours in the Rococo range, but I chose this one as I’ve definitely never had basil and lime together before.

The look of the bar is the same as the Moroccan Mint bar I reviewed last month. It’s the same 65% Grenada dark chocolate, with the same design beautiful glossy finish.

This bar uses basil essential oil rather than dried leaves like the mint bar did, so you don’t end up with a small pile of herbs in your mouth after the chocolate has melted this time. The use of essential oil means basil flavour is quite strong, but never dominates the chocolate.

The lime is quite subtle though, and although the flavour has a certain freshness to it, at times it’s almost imperceptible. But I do like lime, so maybe I’m just wishing for a stronger flavour that wouldn’t really work with this chocolate.

I love the fact that the flavours vary subtly as you eat them. Sometimes you pick up a beautiful sweet, freshness, sometimes you get more of the basil or liquorice like flavours with a slightly warm pepperiness at the end. It’s that variation that keeps me coming back for just another little chunk.

This isn’t a bar to rush. It’s probably better suited for long summer days with a cool drink. But Chocolate Week is as good a time as any to enjoy it.


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  1. Sounds yummy, do you know where I can get this chocolate in bulk, preferably at wholesale prices?

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