Thorntons Eden

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Thorntons Eden

I found these brightly coloured little chocolates in Thorntons’ little Brent Cross shop. My friend was looking for a birthday present and I…. well, I was attracted by the brightly coloured box.

Yes, I know that’s bad.

Handily, Thorntons do these ‘Eden’ soft centre chocolates in three different sizes, so I went for the smallest (79g) box which contains 7 chocolates – 4 dark, 2 milk and one white.

Thorntons Eden

They are:

A rich dark chocolate with (obviously) passion fruit & guava. The light cream and dark chocolate go together well, but the passion fruit just didn’t quite work with the creaminess for me.

A white chocolate with strawberries, cream and (apparently) Louis Dornier champagne. The champagne is virtually undetectable, but the strawberries and cream taste light, refreshing and summery.

Dark chocolate with orange and double cream filling. Deliciously fruity with the flavour of real oranges and plenty of thick chocolate.

Thorntons Eden

Dark chocolate with raspberry and mascarpone filling. Just as fruity as ‘Desire’ but I couldn’t I didn’t really pick up on the mascarpone. I’m sure there was a reason for using it rather than the cream the rest of the box uses, but I’m not sure what it is.

‘Original Sin’
The only non-fruity chocolate here – a dark chocolate with a creme de cacao and double cream filling. It’s deliciously chocolatey and creamy with only a mildly alcoholic flavour, but in the context of the rest of the box, it’s lack of fruit – and handy colour-coded stripe – did seem a little out of place.

Thorntons Eden

Supposedly apple & fig with single cream, but I couldn’t taste much in the way of fruit flavour at all – just a milk chocolate with a sweet, creamy filling.

A milk chocolate with mango cream. I think I would have preferred to see this with a dark chocolate (in fact, I think all the milk/white chocolates here would have benefited from dark chocolate), but the mango is wonderfully exotic and fruity and made this one of my favourites.

Overall, a really nice collection for those that like their chocolates soft and fruity. Given the names and presentation (Lust, Desire, Passion, etc.) it’s probably not the most appropriate Mothers Day present, but as a gift for the wife / secret mistress / both, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated.


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