Divine Fair Trade

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Divine Fair Trade

Divine Fair Trade Chocolate is made with Ghanaian cocoa beans and bills itself as “Heavenly chocolate with a heart”.

According to their web site, “Fairtrade aims to build dignified trading relationships between consumers in the North and producers in developing countries. This involves changing the way that conventional international trade works, so that:

  • producers receive a guaranteed price for their goods, and the security of long-term trading contracts.
  • producers benefit from guaranteed minimum health and safety conditions.
  • producers, their workplace and the environment are not exploited.
  • education and training opportunities for producers, especially women and children, are actively fostered.”

Divine Fair Trade

Which is all excellent and admirable. But to truly give the producers a fair deal, the product has to be worth buying too. And for me, this just doesn’t quite do it.

The milk chocolate bar I tried was a solid, thin bar, divided into small chunks. The taste is quite chocolately, but it lacks any of the creamyness that milk chocolate should have. It didn’t feel luxurious like expensive chocolate, and it didn’t give me the quick fix of one of the more common brands. All in all, I found it quite average. It reminded me of the chocolate you sometimes get on cheap, non-descript Easter Eggs.

Maybe I would have been happier with the plain chocolate version, which I intend to review at a later date. Maybe I’m just a chocasnob. But I really think that they could do so much better with this.

If you’ve tried Divine yourself, I’d be very interested in hearing what you thought? Am I being unfair?


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  1. I tried some last November. I thought it was good, but not great. I found it slightly waxy compared to some other fair trade bars like Green & Black’s or other upscale brands. But it was certainly less grainy/sweet than a Cadbury bar and the price is usually a bit lower than the other upscale brands I see.

  2. rachel

    I love Divine Chocolate, all of it. But expecially the dark. The cocoa butter means it really does melt in your mouth. The rich smooth 70% is to die for. Definatey the best dark chocolate in the supermarket.

    + I met one of the cocoa farmers involved and they where awesome.

  3. Dom said:

    “Maybe I would have been happier with the plain chocolate version, which I intend to review at a later date.”

    I’m looking forward to that later date!

    j.w. 🙂

  4. Colin

    Past time to review the plain Divine, Dom! It’s good, smooth and less bitter than most 70%s. Also cheaper – Asda have it at 91p.

    But anyone wanting to economise has missed the boat – earlier in the year Asda and Tesco had a price war on it and it got below 60p for a while.

  5. Ken

    I had a Divine: Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate bar (3.5 oz). It had good chocolate flavor, but it was not very sweet and very cocoa buttery. Poorly balanced. Hey, if I’m gonna eat candy, I want all the guilt. It was very unsatisfiying. My wife tasted it later (I didn’t finish it) and she agreed that it was weak. Won’t buy again.

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