Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

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Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

This week, Melt Chocolates in Notting Hill opened an “eggxhibition” of Easter Eggs designed by local creatives and made by the team at Melt. We posted photos from the launch event on our Facebook page (‘Like’ us now!), but I thought it would be nice to review a selection of Easter chocolates on sale in the shop too.

Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

Firstly, we have this cute and stylish Easter bunny. As you can see, ours is green, but he also comes in pink and yellow. He’s made in white chocolate and comes with five mini eggs. Being white chocolate, he’s a little sweet for my tastes, but I think it’s a wonderful little gift for children.

Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

Next, wrapped in pink polkadot paper is a very simple milk chocolate egg. It’s a rattling egg, and in my enthsusiasm I managed to break mine while shaking it. Thankfully I didn’t spill the contents out – lots of little crispy ‘pearls’ covered in more milk chocolate. The milk chocolate is very nice, and the pearls – like mini chocolate covered rice crispies – are highly addictive! These are sold in packs of three, and again, I think they’re a perfect gift for children.

Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

Finally, we have a dark chocolate salted caramel egg. Despite coming in a box with a very cute bunny on the front, this one is more suitable for the grownups. Inside the box, packed safely inside a paper nest is an egg made from two separate halves.

The halves are ‘glued’ together with a spot of caramel, which I’m not sure is the best idea. I would rather have each half completely separate so I can share or save half without the sticky blob of caramel on the outside.

Melt Easter Chocolate Selection

But that’s my only criticism of this beautifully rich salted caramel egg. The chocolate is nice and thick and the caramel oozes out seductively when you bite into it.

Overall then, a very nice selection of Easter chocolates.

These gifts are hand made from quality ingredients, and they have a look of simplicity and playfulness to match. What I like best about Melt is that they tend to do their own thing, rather than pay too much attention to the stylish ‘London chocolate scene’. They cater primarily for locals, and everyone else has to make a little bit of an effort to get there.

But they are well worth discovering for yourself, and if you don’t live near their Notting Hill Shop, you can buy them online using the link below or from the Melt concessions in Selfridges and Harrods.


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