Galaxy Counters

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Galaxy Counters

Galaxy Counters – a blast from the past, reincarnated in sexy new packaging. Well, I say ‘sexy’. It’s really just a plastic pouch, but it’s a step up from what we used to have in the seventies.


Clearly they were aimed squarely at kids back then, which hasn’t been true of anything with the Galaxy name on it for quite some time. I’d dearly love to have a time machine to go back in time to compare them to the new, relaunched Counters, but unfortunately they haven’t been invented yet. So you’ll just have to make do with my impressions of this updated version.

First off, in case you’re wondering what they are, I can sum them up in two words: Naked Minstrels.

Galaxy Counters

In case you’re still none the wiser, they’re simply Galaxy milk chocolate buttons. Rather than the sugar coating of Minstrels, these have a thin coating of glazing agent (pectin rather than shellac, thankfully), giving them a slightly glossy finish, but not too much.

If you’ve ever had any Galaxy chocolate, you’ll know exactly how they taste. It’s a little sweet and creamy for me, but I know many people love it. The button shape makes a big difference here though.

Any button-shaped chocolate has a large surface area, meaning there’s more of it in contact with the heat of your mouth – and so it melts more quickly and pick up on the flavours differently than a thicker chunk of chocolate. It’s the reason many people swear that Cadbury Buttons just taste better.

There’s no doubt that these do melt quickly and release that sweet creaminess quickly and efficiently to your gob. Although I’m not the worlds biggest Galaxy fan, I did find them quite moreish – despite the low (25%) cocoa solids and high sugar content. I’d certainly rather have a bag of these that I could pick at through the day – and share – than a big bar.


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  1. These look rather enticing.
    Whilst I’m not a huge fan of large quantities of Galaxy, I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for Minstrels and so I shall be keeping my eye out for these.

  2. Amy

    I, on the other hand am a HUGE fan of Galaxy but I’ll be damned if I can find it in the States. These look extremely tasty!

  3. Leigh

    Erm, haven’t these been in packets of Revels for years…??

  4. Leigh

    At least this will stop my friend picking these out of said Revels and leaving everything else.

  5. Lynne

    I have just found Galaxy counters in my local shop and they are just the same as they used to be its made my day.

  6. Sarah

    I am SOOOOOO excited – a friend just let me know about this – it’s made my year. Now just to find where I can buy some…….

  7. Beki

    I am in chocolate heaven, transported back to the days of my childhood – I have been banging on about Galaxy counters to my colleagues for years and low and behold a bag arrived on my desk this morning, gone is Geoffrey Giraffe but the taste if still one I remember and love. Big up to the Galaxy Counters!!

  8. Cath McKenna-Willcox

    Hi all – These Counters are LUSH in the extreme! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! Tescos are doing a BOGOF offer at the moment and guess what… I took full advantage of it! Forget the diet – enjoy the Counting 😀 xxxx

  9. tracy

    One of my favourites from yesteryear – will rush out to buy tomorrow. Now, if only Marks & Sparks would bring back their ‘smarties’….

  10. june

    been hoping that these would come back out… my fav chocolate from my child hood memories…. thank you.

  11. Minstrel101

    I’m soooooooooooo excited – I just adored Galaxy Counters – and NO they’ve not been in Revels for years! They were much tinier and just a wonderful chocolate experience, hoping they’ve not changed – although looks like the new packaging is aimed at adults whereas they were for sure targeted at kids before………Where can I get them? I’m in Scotland.

  12. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Try your local Tesco/Sainsburys/whatever. I think they’re widely available now.

  13. Minstrel101

    OK so I found the NEW Galaxy Counters……..what a disappointment!!!!! Nothing like the old version….more like naked Minstrels…….tasty but just not the old counters. The original version were much smaller more like naked smarties size. Now that I’ve tried them I think I’ll be giving them a body swerve and just enjoy Galaxy in a bar. Why not bring back Vice Versa’s by Nestle – they were good too.

  14. Caramel

    Delighted Counters are back..
    but does anyone remember a pryamid shaped chocolate that came out sometime in the 80s, filled with an apricot ganache? They were around at the same time as Pyramint, and I think by the same company, but they disappeared and I can’t remember the name but have been dreaming of them ever since!

  15. alison

    i dont remeber them first time around but i hope they tasted as good as the new ones do even though iam not a chocolate eating person they are very yummy i would definately buy and recommend them to people

  16. ChocolateDoll

    I’m ecstatic that these are back-I’ve seen the advert,but haven’t found them locally yet(boo!hoo!)My sister,who lives in New York,alway’s ask’s if these are back(they’ve been,like my sister,away for a long time) and is alway’s sad when I say ‘no.’ I’m going to make her day when she hear’s! Okay,it’s sad,we’re sad,but who care’s-Galaxy Counter’s were alway’s better than Cadbury’s Button’s and I can’t wait to try them again-HURRAH!

  17. Gary

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah i was only talking about these a few months ago,whats next Pacers

  18. Fantastic news that they are back, but what a shame they didn’t use the original packaging design. Retro is very in, daaahling. 🙂

  19. Mrs Oakley

    This Morning tv show asked a while back, for retro sweets you remember from your childhood. I emailed in Galaxy Counters and Scofe read it out. I loved these as a child and have asked loads of people if they remember them. Couldn’t wait to get home and eat them, so I didn’t, and ate them whilst driving back from shop.

  20. helen

    i loved these as a child, however as i sit her with new bag in hand i must say i feel a little disappointed, they are too big and too think. or is it my memory which is off?

  21. gail hadfield

    hi i just bought some counters and yes it brought me back to my childhood but my friends carnt remember them so i googled u but didnt the packet a=have a giraffe on it .

  22. sans

    I am so glad galaxy counters are back – a blast from my childhood and just how I remembered them


  23. Hannah

    Galaxy Counters, Are gorgeous, ilove themm…
    At first when i saw the packet i did’nt think id like them but then i tried them and now i get them every time i go shopping.They look abit like chocolate buttons on the packet too.

  24. Kerry

    Please someone help did counters come in a little white bag with a giraffe on the front and some other little animals ???

  25. Kim

    Love these!!!!! £1 a big bag in Home Bargains 🙂

  26. Caroline

    It was a really special moment for me when I saw them back in the shops.
    The memory from my childhood of Galaxy counters has tormented me for many years.
    There is a God ! Hallelujah ! Thank you Galaxy!! 🙂

  27. paul miles

    they dont taste the same as the ones from the 70s

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